The Best Password Managers Of 2019

Remembering passwords can be a tough nut to crack. You might be tempted to use a single password for every subscription and service, but in order to stay secure in such a connected world, you have to use different passwords for all your accounts. However, you can’t actually be expected […]

How to Use Memes in Your Social Media Campaigns To Gain Traction? Become the Ultimate Meme Lord In your Niche

If you are a social media aficionado like me, chances are you have met ‘The most interesting man in the world’, ‘One does not simply’, ‘First World Problems’, ‘Futurama Fry’, ‘Y u no’, ‘Bad Luck Brian’, ‘Doge’, ‘Grumpy Cat’, ‘LOLcats’, and ‘Condescending Wonka’. Even if you say you don’t, just […]