Are you planning to launch an eCommerce website? Before you even setup your eCommerce website there is a list of items that you must consider.

Regardless of how fantastic your idea is, if you don’t follow an eCommerce checklist, you’ll have to face severe consequences in future.

Who doesn’t want to get their website listed on the first page of Google? Or scale their local business on a global level? If you are a visionary entrepreneur, it is your dream to capture the attention of your users and make them buy products from your website without making them angry.

A professional eCommerce website is all about creating an unforgettable customer experience. Everything that you do must add value to the customer experience.

Every element, every marketing campaign, and every social media update should give your customers something to talk about with their friends. An extra-ordinary eCommerce website will leave a pretty good first impression on the user.

That’s why it is necessary that you use planning before you develop your website. The simplest form of planning is by creating a checklist.

Here goes the eCommerce checklist that you must consider before moving forward.

  • A Responsive Website

When you start designing your eCommerce store, it’s essential that you keep responsiveness as your top priority. Figures show that around 62% of the customers are now buying products from their smartphones.

Ensure that your website operates smoothly on all mobile devices. No need to offer all the options on mobile. Just give some necessary functions with which visitors or customers can easily place an order fast. Your goal should be to create a mobile website that can help users to place quick orders.

  • Use Cart Icon on each page

To make things easy for the customer, it is essential that you show a cart icon on every page. This will customers an option to add products from any page. You don’t want to add a delay in the buying cycle of the customer. If there is a buy now button on every page it will be easy for the customer to buy the product as soon they add it in the shopping cart.

Furthermore, it will enable the customer to keep track of the added products. At times the customer with a limited budget wants to add just few products and calculate their amount before moving on to adding more products.

  • Clear Navigation

One of the reasons that customers leave without ordering anything is complex navigation. In an eCommerce website check BigCommerce vs Shopify  the aim is to give the customer convenience of quick order.

When the customer lands on the website, they want to order something. If they find their product fast, it will save their time, and they don’t have to browse the site in frustration.

A complex website will force the customer to think ‘what to do next’ on the website. And you don’t want to do that. You need to make it simple for the visitor.

  • Contact Information on every page

When a customer faces a problem, they want someone to talk to. Either a customer service rep or a F.A.Q page that can help them solve their problem. Make sure that you write all the possible FAQ’s that you can think of. It is best advised that you take questions from customers and convert them into FAQs.

The best way to force a customer to buy the product is to take care of their problems. Give your contact number on every page. Whenever a customer faces any challenge, they will try to contact a customer service person. If a human listen to their problem and resolve it on the call, it will create an excellent impression of the brand in the eyes of the customer.

  • Visible Call to action

A good eCommerce page doesn’t just consist of text and pictures. When a customer show interest in your website or product, it means that they are willing to buy the product. This means when they will look for “buy now,” “add to cart” button on the page. If the CTA, call to button is not prominent it will get difficult for the customer to place order from the website.

The aim should be to use visible CTA on every single page. Whether they are visiting a product page or a terms and conditions page, CTA must be used smartly throughout the page.

And if you want to make things visible, you can always use multiple CTA buttons on the same page. This will increase the opportunity to make the sale. But don’t overdue the CTA’s on the page. You just need to place them elegantly on the page.

  • Emotionally Appealing Photos

One of the most critical factors that decide whether the product is worth buying or not is a product photo. Previously, it was okay to use a note that said, ‘Product photo may vary from the actual product’ but with a serious competition it is difficult to get along with such a note.

Using stock photos might be easy, but it will not attract the customer. If you want to attract the customer, you must emotionally engage the customer with real product photos. Or at least show real people using your product.

When the customer will see people using your product it will create a social proof for the customer.

This will give the impression that your product is real, and the actual product is what is shown in the picture. Never use stock photos as your product photos. You’ll lose trust of your customer as well as value of your brand.

To wrap it all up

Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to those who prepare and wait. If you are starting an eCommerce store it is better that you consider the above checklist and see which of the things you have added in your list and which of the things you need to add before you move forward and you can also contact with top leading web design agencies in New York to build your eCommerce store.

If you start an eCommerce store with a checklist it will be easy for you to plan the website better. If your website is not generating sales, you can use the above checklist to figure out which of the things are not present.

Even if you have started website development, you can consider these checklist items and do most of the things. This will help you get a strong grip on the market regardless of your current position in the market.

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