Certain parts of the United States are interesting and one among them is Seattle. It is a culturally fueled state and one of the largest states in the great Pacific Northwest. Seattle has a business phone number with an area code 206 and if you ever get a chance to interact with an individual residing in Seattle, it is more likely that you will get a call from a number initiating with the 206 area code.

Why Seattle is Considered a Global Hub in the Regional Business Industry?

Seattle earned itself a place on the top charts as one of the fastest growing states in the United State of America. In 2016 assessment, the city holding the Area Code 206 became the 11th largest economy in the country. Today, the headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies are located in Seattle.

It includes names like Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom’s.

If you’re planning to shift to Seattle, it’s because Seattle is a very diverse economy. It becomes an ideal place for business because it has some of the best entrepreneurial minds from all over the United States. Previously, the country has invested quite enough time in the aerospace industry. It introduced the Boeing Company which has earned a significant position in the aerospace firm.

Now, it has outgrown from its respective services and has expanded its services to:

Forest products
Food processing
Medical equipment
Computer software
Environmental engineering

But that’s not where the success story of Seattle stops. Just on the outskirts of this city with area code 206 are the headquarters of other major firms. To name a few, Microsoft, Nintendo, T-Mobile and Costco. If we take a look beyond the Fortune 500, you will realize that there are more huge names which are operational within the state of Seattle. Most of them were found in the Seattle itself.

Not only does it operates domestically but it has also earned its keep on international levels. Since 2015, it has one of the largest ports where much of its cargo is shipped from Asia. It has made significant investments in the field of biotechnology to create a more sustainable environment for its people. Most of the products/raw materials invested in creating a cleaner environment in Seattle are brought in through these ports which makes the Seattle landscape quite the magnanimous one.

Also, Seattle is known for supplying sporting goods. It is also called the “Emerald Estate” because it is surrounded by lush scenery and various recreational activities. So if you are an outdoor person, this area code 206 city is the best for you. It is ranked among the top ten in the world for public parks.

How Your Business Can See the Light in the Area Code 206 City Seattle?

If you are an individual seeking to start your business in the Area Code 206 city of Seattle, then there is a nine step process which you need to follow. Here are the steps discussed below to help you out.

Step # 1: Submit Your Documents to the Secretary of Estate

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to launch a corporation or an LLC, make sure to submit your documents at the secretary of estate. These are the people who can issue you a business license. To gain better insight and information, you can visit their official website and check the Department of Revenue. It’s how you can apply for a business license. The department will check your documents.

If you start anywhere else, the process will take ages and you will be stuck with uncertainties.

The things you need to submit within your document are:

Your suggested organization’s name
Street address and PO box of primary office
Effective date of formation
Tenure (Duration)
If you’re a corporation (mention class of shares)
If you’re an LLC (mention management type)
Name, physical address, mailing address (all of these registered by Washington agent)
A signature from your registered agent
Whoever else signs the document; there basic information.

Step # 2: Await Response & Issuance from Secretary of State

There are two ways how you can file your request. First one is through online, it will be heard and responded in maximum 5 working days. In case, you choose the latter option, which is to file by mail, it can easily take up to 3 weeks to receive your confirmation. In both cases, you will receive a confirmation from the Secretary of State who will confirm that your business is formed and they will issue you a 9-digit UBI number. UBI is an abbreviation for “Unified Business Identifier” which means that it is a number which the state uses in order to identify a person’s business in Washington.

Step # 3: Create a Master Business License Application

A master business license is important because it registers your business in the United States. If you are running an unregistered business, the chances are that you can easily get sacked for it and you might have to face a certain penalty. But, if your business is registered than you can stay safe from such calls. You will have to pay taxes, employment insurance and other relevant charges.

To issue yourself a business license, you can file a request online where your application will be processed in minimum 5-days time. If you file the request by paper, the processing can take up to 21-days. When you fill up this 4-page application make sure you do it with significant care. There are plenty of faces such as reports, fees and other relative requirements which a person needs to submit.

Step # 4: Apply for other Permits and Licenses

Alongside, a master business license, there are other permits and licenses which are equally necessary. Hence, it is important that you learn about these licenses before you get your master business license issued. Start working on getting these licenses at the earliest and get permits accordingly. You will be required to file the necessary paperwork, pay up additional fees and get acquainted with the appropriate agencies. Most Washington license do business within the city limits.

If you want to go international with your business, make sure that you apply for the business license through a different application. You may also need a zoning permit or a contractor’s license too.

Step # 5: Submit Initial Reports for Business

Once you get a hold of your business license, Washington State business affairs wants you to submit an initial report which is due in 120 days right after the day you submit your first formation document. This initial report can be submitted online just the way you submitted your form for business license.

To do so, make sure that you already have your UBI number and application ID on the ready. You will be issued both during the initial document submission and license issuing beforehand.

Step # 6: Time to Get Yourself a Tax Number

Will your business have employees or your business is going to be liable to pay federal taxes? In case, it does then what you require is an EIN. It is a form of a tax ID number which allows you to pay your federal taxes. To get one of these numbers, apply for it online or hire a personnel to get you one.

Step # 7: Clear Tax Records with the Dept. of Revenue

While submitting your master business application, you’re required to check certain boxes. These boxes are important to check because without them, you might not be able to submit your document. By checking them, you will be eligible to receive a packet of information from Department of Revenue. The department doesn’t require you to pay a personal income tax, but it does require a B&O tax. This tax is applicable to your overall gross income. You can find further details on the Washington taxes.

Step # 8: Worker Compensation & Employment Insurances

If your business has a certain number of employees and you have already mentioned it in your business license application, the Washington Labor & Industry department will set up worker compensation accounts for them. On the other hand, the Employment Securities Department will set up an unemployment insurance account. In just 2 weeks top, you will receive information packets from L&I and Employment Securities which will declare how much money to deduct from employee paychecks, the quarterly reports, the compensation rates, workplace health and safety information.

Step # 9: Renew Your License Annually

Lastly, don’t forget to apply for a license renewal through an annual report each year. By doing so, you agree with the Secretary of State that they will handle your Business License Services on your behalf. There is a small fee of $71 and you can file for this fee online. As a registered agent, you will eventually receive an Annual Renewal Notice which will be dispatched to your mail with a passcode.

So there you go here are the 9 important steps essential for any individual seeking to start a business in the Area Code 206 city. It is indeed one of the best places to run a business which offers stability.

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