What can your business do in order to succeed in the year 2021? You may not believe this – but an interesting fact to note is that online businesses HubSpot and the online presence of businesses have been doing even more business than the last ten years combined!

If statistics are to be believed, then a growth rate of 7% has been attained in the year 2020 itself, when we talk about the online retail business. This is the cumulative rate of growth that was achieved by businesses in the past decade alone.


The fact is that if you are looking at alternatives to HubSpot, then you are shopping around to either keep up with the enhanced demand and the opportunities for your business to grow.

This is because everyone worth their salt is now online – that is where businesses are now running. Gone are the brick and mortar stores and the physical presence that meant so much.

With the pandemic of 2020 and the great lock down that shook the entire globe, people and consumers the world over were left with no option but to turn to the digital world in order to buy, sell, read, study, do grocery, bank and so much more.


While one might say that people were doing all this and more even before the pandemic, there were vast segments of businesses and their customers who were yet to embrace this change completely.

Now, with everyone suddenly online, the markets have opened up to new segments. Yet, this comes with challenges of its own since many businesses joining the bandwagon has also ensured that there is much more competition than there ever was before.

The IoT or the Internet of Things has exploded and so has all the big data that one has to filter down to the most conversion fueling bottom line for one’s business endeavors.

This has left us grabbing every tool we can and hence, we are seeing more HubSpot alternatives than ever before. 


Why do we Need HubSpot?


Before we go ahead and talk all about HubSpot and the worthy alternative to HubSpot, let us understand why we need it in the first place. There are many reasons why we need a tool that brings us CRM along with sales and marketing automation in one neat and clean platform that also serves your business interests.


Which business owner does not want to be more organized? This is a daily need that smacks us right in the face when we raise the shutters and fire up the laptop or the computer from which we run our businesses today.

We are immediately faced with a stack of emails that we have to send along with a number of other mundane tasks that can also suck our energy dry since you have to hunt for the right information in order to word it and send it for maximum engagement.

Well, not any longer. With HubSpot and the HubSpot alternative, you have a way to organize information and handle it in an automated way so that your presence is built while you engage in your core activities and skills that would bring you conversions. 


Further, with such a system in the picture, you would be able to automate all those mundane tasks and even create a stronger basis for collaboration and coordination within the team.

The HubSpot alternative is always on hand to ensure that the notifications for each task would be automated along with the information that would be required for that task to be seamlessly conducted in order to cater to a solid conversion rate. 


Finally, all these tasks and information would be conducted and organized in locations that would be safe and secure with the right amount of encrypted layers.

You would also get to give limited access to the team members so that they can be more accountable for the upkeep and protection of all the information as well.

These are just a few of the benefits of employing any of the HubSpot alternatives for your business. 


Also, let us not forget the fact that a fitting HubSpot alternative would help you spend less to get more revenues with a higher rate of conversion thanks to all the benefits listed above. 


Now, let us cast a glance on the various alternatives to HubSpot so that you can choose the best one that completely suits your business and caters to the your audience so that you can convert them. 


EngageBay: As far as the alternatives to HubSpot go, this one would be the best given its track record of amassing over 12,000 happy customers the world over with a few awards to boot!

It has many widespread features from lead generation to email marketing and much more so that you are able to grow your business.

Also, within its very affordable rates, you would also get constant support for installation and customization of the framework for CRM and automation as per the needs of your business. 

Get Response: This is also a well known HubSpot alternative that can help you with email marketing and similar automation needs. Yet, it does not have too many features to help you grow your business with ease. 


Ontraport: This platform also serves as an alternative to HubSpot since it offers a fair amount of automation. Yet, you cannot integrate too many channels here. 


Wish Pond: This platform also has many lead generation features, yet it is not the most affordable platform for CRM.


Fresh Works: Formerly known as Fresh Sales, this platform would help you in your sales pipeline journey. But, it is not a very affordable platform for its limited features. 


The above analysis shows that EngageBay would be the best solution when you are looking for alternatives to HubSpot since it would allow you to integrate various other functions and platforms at a very affordable cost and with all the support your business truly needs!

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