CrossFit for Blogs: How to Strengthen the Core of Your Blog

Making a better blog is a little like taking up CrossFit, the new fitness trend more and more exercise pros swear by. CrossFit works by developing core strength and conditioning through a wide variety of activities that activate the major muscle groups in different ways each workout.

Your blog could likely use a CrossFit workout as well to strengthen its core. The same old routine has left your blog at a marketing plateau, unable to break out of the rut or lead to increased traffic website copywriting, more sales and deeper penetration into your field.

Attention Getting Headlines

Start your blog workout by revamping your headlines. Headlines make a significant difference in whether a reader will click through to the blog or not but writing great headlines is hard. They have to be short, interesting and say enough without giving it all away.

When writing headlines, go back to elementary school with the 5 W’s (and an H). Use who, where, what, why, when and how statements to frame the headline. These headlines imply a question, and the reader must read the article to find the answer.

Compelling – and Actionable – Content

One key to CrossFit is variety, a different workout every day to maximize strength training. Blogs need variety, too. Too much of the same old content makes for a weak blog. You need compelling content people want to read.

Choose content with currency or that provides a unique lens for an issue. Then write content readers can take action on. What can the reader do with the content right now to make the content stick?

Establish a Voice and Brand

Too many blogs sound exactly alike. The content, tone, word choice — it’s like the Internet cloned itself. Your blog should offer something different to readers by establishing a clear, strong writing voice that corresponds with your overall brand image.

A writing voice is like a signature. Great writers “sound” a certain way when you read them and readers get to know that voice. Find a voice that fits for your writing style and says something about your brand to differentiate your blog from the rest of the noise online.

Ask Questions and Allow Comments

Do not fear the comments section of your blog platform. Asking questions in your blog and allowing comments turns a blog into an interactive medium rather than a passive one where an exchange of ideas and a conversation can occur. Respond to comments and questions quickly to show you are also engaged in your blog and don’t just use it as a means to SEO.

Analytics and Tracking

As with everything in business, you must track and analyze your blog as well. The information you glean from your analysis can help each aspect of your blog. You can know:

  • What headlines led to more readers;
  • What content was shared most widely;
  • Who looks at your blog and where your audience comes from;
  • And what content readers are looking for.

The information you gain from tracking can help you adjust and strengthen your blog.

If your old blogging tactics and routines have not led to the results you hoped for, then it’s time to shake things up. Take your blog to the CrossFit gym and turn it into the powerhouse you know it can be.

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