“Who said it: Shakespeare or a random person on Tumblr?” I just came across this BuzzFeed quiz today on Tumblr quotes just as I was whiling away my coffee break finding out “which holiday movie I was” and which “Pokémon I am!” Since I was never much of a Tumblr person, I was way behind the eight-ball for thinking that Facebook is the favorite social networking site of Americans under age 25. Guess what; Tumblr enjoys more regular visits from the youth of America.

Considered to be fun and more creative than other social media channels, Tumblr isn’t just an outlet where you can relax and unwind, it’s also an awesome place to discover some original, inspiring and motivational content that can make your day. For most people, Tumblr is their escape from the world. Anything they re-blog is a direct reflection of something that’s going on in their life at that time.

Just the handful of Tumblr quotes I discovered through that quiz were enough to pique my curiosity to peruse through the treasure trove of wisdom pearls that Tumblr has in store. In my quest to delve deeper into Tumblr, I have collected an awesome selection of uplifting and inspiring Tumblr quotes that will inevitably challenge you to go out and live an epic life. Here are some of the gems I have unearthed from Tumblr quotes that look like they came right out of a Shakespearean classic!

Tumblr Quotes That Strike A Chord!

Develop an attitude of gratitude. Say thank you to everyone you meet for everything they do for you.” – Brian Tracy

Are you glad to have friends and family who are always there to help you whenever you find yourself in a pickle? Are you thankful for them? You must be, but have you ever let them know what they mean to you and how much you value their presence and support in your life? Gratitude is the best gift you can give to someone who even does the smallest good deed for you; be it the waiter who served you morning coffee with a smile, the cabbie who drove you to work, the doorman who opened the door for you, the friend who came forward to babysit so you could attend a meeting. Your simple “thank you” has the power to make someone feel appreciated and valued. Life gets so much better if you develop an attitude of gratitude. Do Tumblr quotes like these make you want to want to thank someone right now?

“If you don’t love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won’t be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.” – Wayne Dyer

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Before you scrunch up your nose at the notion, know that learning to love yourself is the most important things you can do in life. Think of your heart as your core power. When you become the source of love in your own life it changes everything.; your health, your career, your relationships – they all benefit when you start to love yourself. Remember that no one wants a co-dependent partner who relies on them for self-validation.

“What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all the time.” – Don Zimmer

If you think you are the product of your circumstances, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you are talented in an area, or if you possess a knack for something, you just have the “raw mechanism”. Talent or being “born lucky” doesn’t guarantee success until you put every ounce of your sweat and blood into it. The one who is hungrier to reach the top, will always get there before the talented guy. Have you ever felt the need to become someone or get something? It was all you could think about, even when you ate, slept, or went about your day-to-day business. You felt obsessed. This driving force is the power we all need to break through the glass ceiling and score big. It wouldn’t take you long to write your own massive success story, even if you came with no talent and little education, but a relentless desire to succeed.

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” –  Tom Hiddleston

Instead of fretting endlessly about the future and feeling overwhelmed as a result, you need to just put one foot in front of the other instead of worrying about the path ahead of you and see what happens. Everytime you have a big goal in front of you, don’t let the journey scare you away. Break it down into small steps and keep your attention laser-focused on the task in front of you at any moment, instead of counting steps to your destination. Instead of thinking so far down the road, live each day to the fullest.

When we choose growth over perfection, we immediately increase our shame resilience. Improvement is a far more realistic goal than perfection. Merely letting go of unattainable goals makes us less susceptible to shame. When we believe “we must be this” we ignore who or what we actually are, our capacity and our limitations. We start from the image of perfection, and of course, from perfection there is nowhere to go but down.” – Brené Brown

All of us should strive for excellence and growth, rather than perfection. When attempting to reach goals, all too often we see people taking on a perfectionist attitude, thinking it will lead to success. In reality, perfectionism stops people from realizing their goals in too many ways. When you stay laser-focused on perfecting the tiniest details, your run out of motivation and energy all too soon, making your goal appear too far-fetched. Similarly, By focusing on perfection, we become blind to new ideas or innovations. Perfectionism can keep you stuck doing the same thing over and over again with the same result.

On the other hand, focusing on progress and improvement enables us to keep going. The word “failure” becomes obsolete since you will only be focusing on the learning experiences along the path to achieving your goals. When you strive for improvement, your eyes are open to each accomplishment and success, no matter how small. Reflecting on your progress can also reinforce the belief that you have the ability to improve — that your goals are attainable.

 “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller

Being optimistic goes deeper than just positive thinking; it is an unflinching belief that negative events are temporary setbacks to be overcome and good things will eventually happen to you. This belief is enough to keep a person motivated and looking forward to the future. Not to mention, optimistic people are much more resilient in the face of adversity and know how to get back up on their feet after a failure. Here’s what such Tumblr quotes teach boil down to: being optimistic provides emotional fortitude, motivation, creativity, and cognitive resilience.

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