How to Use Memes in Your Social Media Campaigns To Gain Traction? Become the Ultimate Meme Lord In your Niche

If you are a social media aficionado like me, chances are you have met ‘The most interesting man in the world’, ‘One does not simply’, ‘First World Problems’, ‘Futurama Fry’, ‘Y u no’, ‘Bad Luck Brian’, ‘Doge’, ‘Grumpy Cat’, ‘LOLcats’, and ‘Condescending Wonka’. Even if you say you don’t, just […]

‘Harry Potter Wizards Unite’ doesn’t have to turn you into a street-roving zombie! Here’s how you can stay productive while still catching up!

Just 3 years back we started to witness more and more young people ambling around determinedly with their heads glued to their phones. More and more were flocking to public places and making friends beyond the safety of the basement. Pokémon Go had taken over their lives. It was like […]