Digital signage wayfinding is the art of utilizing a building directory on digital screens in public. This has various advantages in regards to directing the staff and making sure they’re free to make the best use of the available space.

1. Better Use of Time

Workplaces that are signposted help the staff makes better use of their time. When you use digital signage wayfinding on a central meeting or on each floor, you will start to notice a clear difference in the flow of the workplace. Similar to a properly sign-posted road, direction helps people navigate easily and with less build-up. This eliminates congestion and makes the working environment stress free.

2. Lower Decision Making

Chances are you’ve heard how Mark Zuckerberg and similar entrepreneurs choose one outfit and stick with it. That is because they like reducing some of the decisions that they have to make on a daily basis. Digital wayfinding has a similar effect. Let say, for example, you wish to arrive at the workplace earlier you normally do. There are several different stations that you can pick to work in but see that only one is available, thanks to the digital signage screen. Certainly, your decision making will be faster, thanks to the screen and you won’t have to decide which floor or station to try.

3. Fewer Questions

It is a well-known fact that most people do not like the idea of asking for directions and it’s even truer in an office or retail environment. Thanks to digital signage wayfinding, there’s no need for questions. According to one study conducted at a university, digital signage had a positive impact on students as it eliminated the annoying experience when they could not reach their destination. According to the study, there are factors that create effective interactions and these were systems that were made to improve simplicity and reduce mental workload. The need for ideal design in shop signage is clear, but when workplaces implement them, fewer questions are required for the staff members to get where they need to go.

4. Less Confusion

Another benefit of digital wayfinding, as opposed to printed building plans, is the ability to update them in an instant. For instance, when you utilize a Building Directory App, you can simply open the primary directory and make a change to a floor or a room, save it and the screen displaying the directory will instantly update. You also don’t have to be near the signage screen, meaning that someone in the HR or marketing department can make alterations to the screen, regardless of their location. This minimizes confusion and people going to a room that’s no longer in use.

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