Drones have changed the way we do business in the real estate industry. Drones are now been used extensively to collect beautiful aerial photographs and record amazing videos to feature in the property listings. Another reason drones are popularly used for photography in the real estate industry is because of their convenience when it is about shooting a property with more emphasis on the surroundings like – landscapes, nearby attractions, location, and more.


In recent times of steep competition in the real estate market, marketing is one of the things to do. The competition gets brutal more because of the online listings that generate most of the potential leads. Almost every person looking for a property looks for their potential property to buy online. Hence to make a property stand out online, high-quality photographs and videos become more critical. And it is here drones come into the picture.

With drone videos Melbourne, the real estate industry is producing dramatic, sweeping, and gorgeous shots of properties to feature for the buyers. But, how to stand out amongst the rest, when drone photographs and videos are being used by almost every property buyer and agent?

Here are the best 5 drone moves that drone hires Australia to use for shooting real estate videos and photographs:

  • The overhead move

This is perhaps the easiest move used in making drone videos Melbourne as it is just required to point the camera facing downwards and fly over the property. Taking the overhead shot, it starts by hovering low over the property focal point and then slowly moving the drone higher while rotating it. This not only gives a clear and complete view of the property, but also the surroundings.

  • The descent move

This move is somewhat similar to the overhead move by starting from above the property but is slightly done on the front side of the property. Drone hire Australia makes this move much exciting and attractive by simply dropping from above with simultaneously tilting the camera up to trach down the property.

  • The slider move

One of the coolest things with drone videos Melbourne is making drone shooting dynamic. The shooting stars from a lower altitude and moving the drone side to side or forward and backward, giving the entire shot a slider effect.

  • The spotlight move 

In this move by drone hire Australia, the drone flies horizontally around the property or building with the camera locked on the focal point – the property.  This is an expert move and requires precision as it needs good coordination to timing and how quickly the camera is kept locked on the property.

  • The revealing move 

This move is a great way for opening or closing any real estate video. In this move, the shot starts with approaching the property being shot from a distance and eventually fly over it with slow tilting the camera down and stay focused on the target. This is a difficult move and needs a lot of precision in taking the shot.

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