Remembering passwords can be a tough nut to crack. You might be tempted to use a single password for every subscription and service, but in order to stay secure in such a connected world, you have to use different passwords for all your accounts. However, you can’t actually be expected to memorize all those passwords, let alone match them to the right account. Nor can you just jot them down in some journal. Well there is one thing a web surfer can do: get their hands on a decent password manager!

While we see a new password manager sprouting up out of nowhere every now and often, we have scoured the web for the best password managers of 2019.

LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome)

LastPass is one of the best password managers of 2019 that offers a great host of free features, such as a secure master password, multiple identities, a password generator, two-factor authentication, free credit-monitoring, and even an auto-fill feature designed to streamline your shopping. Unless you need a comprehensive suite of its premium features, you can keep using the app for free. Simply set a master password and import all your saved login credentials, passwords with username, from Safari, Opera, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

All you have to do is not to forget your master password.  The app helps keep your computer secure by deleting all malicious data from your computer. Since the app stores your encrypted information on its cloud servers, you can use LastPass from anywhere or at any device, or even share passwords with groups. If you are at a loss for creating a unique master password, its built-in password generator can help you along.

If you choose the premium version, it comes equipped with additional authentication options, the option to sync information between devices, and a prompt tech support. While LastPass has seen a few security vulnerabilities in the past, it has evolved in the process to fix them through via regular updates.

Dashlane (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

This simple and intuitive password manager is fortified with two-factor authentication. Not to mention, the software can be used to change a wide array of passwords with a few simple clicks. One of the plus points is the software’s ability to share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts when need be, as well as its knack for storing pivotal notes securely. Not to mention, its memory footprint gets smaller with every update. You can either choose to sync your passwords automatically across devices or store all your login credentials within a local encrypted vault.

 Its digital wallet helps you make and track purchases at numerous online retailers, even without having to set up a previous account. Manage and scour your receipts across websites or change password remotely if are unfortunate enough to have an account at a corrupted site. Enjoy a wide range of features for free or purchase the business version to unlock a full suite of services.

1Password (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

One of the best password managers of 2019 that we have on the list is 1Password. Some of the most notable features of the software include username and password storage and sharing, as well as a powerful password generator. Its “watchtower” service looks out for potential website breaches round the clock and notifies you as soon as it detects a red flag. Its unparalleled and intuitive user interface enhances its usability. The software’s digital wallet isn’t only reserved for securely saving login and credit card information, it can also save everything from network passwords to sticky notes.

The fact that its developers offered a hefty reward for anyone who could break its security, is a testament to its infallible security. The software can help you sync everything between computers through iCloud, Dropbox, or any other method. The one-time purchase enables you to sync everything locally. While it doesn’t come with a free version, though it is quite easy on the pockets with $2.99 a month; pay up $2 more to avail their grand plan covering five PCs at once.

Keeper Security Password Manager

This intuitive software offers a host of amazing password solutions for family, business or personal use, making it one of the best password managers of 2019. It boasts of secure file storage and uses a two-factor authentication method to safeguard your information. It packs a bunch of practical features which are becoming quite popular with users, such as the ability to set up to 5 emergency contacts that will be able to access your passwords in case of an unfortunate situation, or the ability to restore previous versions of your records if things go awry. It offers more flexibility on what data you can store, in contrast with most other password managers of 2019. Due to its custom fields, you can input anything from driver’s license numbers, passport info, or any other important records in the app!

Intel’s True Key

Here’s what we truly love about Intel’s True key; in addition to using a master password, you can sign in with your facial features or fingerprint as well. Unlike most password managers of 2019, this software automatically detects when you are logging into a new account and will auto-generate a new password for you and save the credentials. Its particular focus on biometrics instead of relying on a keystroke password makes this a pretty tough contender in our race for the best password managers of 2019. The software will also automatically sign you out and reset your old master password — and you can adjust the timeframe of both features to your convenience. The software is quite flexible when it comes to the type of data you can store on it, be it driver’s license numbers, memberships, credit cards, addresses, passport numbers, and much more. The frequent security updates make this software tough.

Sticky Password

This free password manager packs a ton of awesome features, and its premium version offers you the complete set of cloud features. It boasts a premium version, AES-256 encryption, and strong password generation. One of the best features of Sticky is that it supports a wide array of browsers, even ones that are not quite popular like SeaMonkey, Yadex, or Pale Moon. It also enables secure cloud-encrypted syncing between devices to safeguard critical data over a wireless connection. Also, we love its focus on biometric verification; since you can use both fingerprint and Face ID sign-ins, instead of keystroke passwords. Sticky offers both a stellar professional service which makes it a strong choice for a new business.

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