As an online store owner, you may want to add charitable donations to your eCommerce checkout page for many reasons. It can help you backing worthy causes and inspire customers to donate a small portion of their shopping carts’ value. One way is to use the WooCommerce donation plugin.

If you consider fundraising for limited reasons, the easiest way is to install a WordPress plugin to convert your WordPress site into a fundraising framework.

We’ll check out some of the best WordPress donation plugins to help you in building a compelling charity campaign.


Best Donation plugins for WooCommerce:

With the plugins listed here, you will be able to run agile, endure movements for your events and activities at once, accept immediate donations from any page on your website, and keep donors active in anomalous conditions. These plugins are offering customers to add their shopping cart totals to donate digitally.

This article showcases the best WooCommerce donation plugins.


#1 Donation for WooCommerce

Donation for WooCommerce has received a five-star rating benchmark due to its customized briefings and enablement functionality. There are several ways to use it. It allows you to choose a product donation form in WooCommerce, which modernizes any user’s contribution. Its hybrid values will enable users to enter any specific amount as – perfect donation. It works perfectly with Woo Commerce high-density enterprises.

Extraordinary innovative and easy-to-use management interface reducing campaign’s intensive workloads. Therefore, you can customize the donation plugin in your own way. You can also manage the reason for the donation. Also, this plugin has an option where you can redirect users to donate links after skipping the shopping cart page where the donation section is integrated. This will help if the visitor forgets to click the “donate” button. Its single-frame function will make things easier.

It’s compatible with WooCommerce Subscription & Currency Switcher for WooCommerce.


Donation for WooCommerce’s Pricing Plan:


#2 Give WP

Give WP is a faster and free WordPress donation plugin featuring exquisite and professional donation forms, powerful reporting features, and comprehensive out-of-the-box donor transactions management. It also offers the capability to add custom fields and fundraising objectives to the donation form to inspire new funders. If you require other features, you can use paid plugins to accept features like regular donations, provide PDF receipts, support multiple payment gateways, and Google Analytics tracking. Even better, this plugin can provide incredible value without charging transaction fees.


GiveWP’s Pricing Plan:

#3 SUMO WooCommerce Donations

The SUMO Woo Commerce Donations is a balanced plugin and can be optimized with any Woo Commerce compatible theme. With this plugin, you can securely use short codes to add product pages, including donation forms, shopping carts, payments, and any posts or pages. It even provides an exit intent pop-up, asking users to donate before they left.

One of the scalable features is offering donors a premium gift when they contribute. In the admin premises, you only need to select one of the existing Woo Commerce products to send to the donor. You can also set many rewards based on the least and maximum donation amount.

SUMO subscription plugin adds regular subscriptions to your site. It accepts monthly donations, and it’s a great way to remain to fundraiser after significant fundraising events. One downside to this plugin is the table layout. It contains some styling options, so it may take a while to use them and build the form according to your website design.


SUMO Woo Commerce Donations’ Pricing Plan:

#4 Woo Donations

Now donors can provide any amount they wish to donate. Donations are displayed as similar items in the shopping cart and on the checkout page. In any case, when users need to withdraw the donation amount, they can set a new donation amount again in the shopping cart or on the payment page itself. In addition, there are some options to choose free donations or tax-free donations for charity purposes only.

After activating the Woo Donation Plugin, users can see the “Add Donation” button in the shopping cart and on the checkout stage. This also applies to many WordPress blogs. You can also set the user’s location for viewing. In this way, it will help you keep track of who is trying to help.

It is also essential that this plugin allows users to set up their own custom donation form. They can create a note for the one who wants to donate. You can use short codes to place these description fields. Since these features are available, you can also choose to inactivate them.

Woo Donation’s Pricing Plan (It’s Free)


#5 Charitable – Donation Plugin

Charitable – Donation Plugin provides a free WordPress donation plugin that supports geo-location, simple updates, videos, avatars, anonymous donations and even provides one year of premium support. You can select the donation standards that will be accessible when you navigate to “PAY WHAT YOU WANT.”

If you consider having access to newsletter integration, giveaways help, Easy Digital Downloads support, and advanced payment gateways, check out the premium membership for more details.

Charitable Donation Plugin’s Pricing Plan:

Wrapping Up!

Collecting online donations and fundraising is not a piece of cake, and it requires a lot of conveniences for donors to donate. We have shared some of the best donation collection plugins for Woo Commerce to utilize for your stores.

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