If there’s one thing that’s rapidly evolving, it is none other but the ever growing blockchain industry. Here’s a revolutionary technology which has opened new doors in the world of web/mobile development. Today, a variety of job opportunities have become immensely common in the software field and among React Native and Node.js developments, blockchain development is becoming excessively common. However, many budding developers around the world have countless concerns.

They are confused which direction is the right direction. They have many questions unanswered. 

So if you’re somebody who is planning to enter the world of blockchain as a developer, here are some important questions which I believe are important to address. Without further ado, let’s check them. 

What is a Blockchain Developer? 

For instance, a normal web developer is responsible for optimizing different front-end and back-end architectural elements of a website. Similarly, a blockchain developer is responsible for optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting architecture of blockchain systems & developing smart contracts.

What Programming Language is Used for Blockchain Based Coding? 

While there are plenty of programming languages out in the market, only a few handful of them are compliant with Blockchain development. The programming languages which are commonly used for blockchain based coding are Java, JavaScript, C++, Python and other new entrants such as CX, Solidity and Simplicity. Commonly, Python is widely used for Blockchain programming. It is a highly versatile language which allows coders to create simple blockchain in less than 40 lines of code. 

If blockchain python is one language you surely need to enhance your learning curve on the following. 

What Should I Do to Learn Blockchain Development?

If you want to learn Blockchain, there are certain prerequisites and fundamentals. 

  • It is important that you should know the basics of programming. 
  • You should learn about different blockchain networks and smart contracts. 
  • You should learn about Decentralized apps or DApps in the digital zone. 
  • You should have command on the following development tools. 
    • Truffle
    • Web3
    • Solc
    • Remix
    • Ganache
    • Metamask
  • It is important to be familiar with software development, cyber security, and IT. 
  • Understanding of distributed systems, networking, cryptography and data structures.

In How Much Time Will I Become a Blockchain Developer? 

The blockchain development course will not take much of your time if you meet certain criteria. It hardly takes around 3-4 months to get a perfect command of the language. During this phase, you will be well-versed in understanding the design and implementation of smart contracts. You will also understand different methods and have significant command on creating blockchain apps. 

Is Python the Best Programming Language for Blockchain Developers? 

When it comes to blockchain programming, Python is the most preferred language among blockchain developers. Python is a rapidly growing language and there are several programmers who are showing a keen interest in programming codes in Python which makes it quite the favorable language among blockchain developers. Python has immense potential and it’s one of the reasons why it is the excellent language for blockchain programming. You can write single commands and sum an entire code for performing a certain task. Building blocks and linking them together is relatively easy in Python as it is in any other coding language. 

Is Blockchain Programming Difficult to Learn? 

Without a doubt, blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology and it has taken the digital world by storm. Since, blockchain is at a very nascent stage so it is a bit complicated to gain command on. 

Nevertheless, learning the fundamentals of Blockchain programming is essential for anyone who is looking into the future of creating powerful projects. When we talk about Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), it focuses on the four fundamental principles. These fundamental principles are what every blockchain developer must understand before they opt-in for blockchain programming.

  • Understanding the Blockchain Philosophy
  • Learning the Basics of Blockchain Programming
  • Learning How to Code Blockchains Properly 
  • Understanding Smart Contract Development

I ll shed some light on the four principles a little more to give you a much better understanding. 

Understanding the Blockchain Philosophy

Planning to get into the blockchain world? How about you read a few books on blockchain first. It will help you develop a base and get a grasp on the mechanism behind blockchain technology. There’s a book called the “The Internet of Money” written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos which is a recommended read. Here’s a technology that provides sufficient information on how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology works simultaneously. It will provide you Satoshi’s vision on the technology.

Learning the Basics of Blockchain Programming

The technology may be new but it is consistently being explored by different web developers. If you want to get into blockchain programming, then you will have to gain some command on  cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, distributed systems, and game theory. The basic elements of a blockchain programming are decentralization, mining, and consensus mechanism. It is a chain of blocks secured between the first and the lash hash of blocks which are actually the same. 

Learning How to Code Blockchains Properly

When coding blockchains, you have to pay attention to three crucial components which include security, isolation and performance. Security is an important consideration because it helps you see & analyze different bugs and identify multiple vulnerabilities within the respective code of the program. While coding you will also get the chance to optimize the code based on its performance. And last but not the least, you must know about smart contracts and get a good command on it. 

Lastly, You Should Know How to Develop Smart Contracts

Speaking of smart contracts, they should be deterministic, terminal and isolated. If a program repeats similar output on a specific input every time, it is termed as deterministic. The smart contract must be capable of self-terminating itself upon the said time-limit. It works on a number counter and once the number is achieved, it self-terminates automatically. Since, the Internet is an open digital space where we have plenty of viruses and bugs, isolation of smart contracts is mandatory. It is essential to save smart contracts isolated from the ecosystem. 

There you go, here’s just about everything which I believe is important to address if somebody has a keen interest in learning about blockchain developers or blockchain development. 

I hope this article has been informative, until next time, cheers. 

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