There is no particular best mobile insurance India policy as it varies as per your insurance requirements. Many flagship-level phones are so expensive that you need a mobile phone insurance policy that offers a high coverage amount. As the cases of mobile thefts are increasing day-by-day, see to it that you opt for an insurance cover that also provides theft insurance for mobile. In short, you need a mobile insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage and can be tailored as per your coverage needs.

For instance, Bajaj Finserv provides a CPP mobile insurance policy that can be either opted for your phone’s display or entire handset. Also, it allows you to pay a premium amount as per the cost of your handset. The reasons that make Bajaj Finserv an ideal mobile insurance company for you are explained below:


Subscribe to a plan that suits you

With Bajaj Finserv CPP Mobile Protection Plan, you have the option of subscribing to the CPP Mobile Protect Plan that covers the damages inflicted on your handset be it screen, battery, or any other part. The CPP Fonesafe Lite is for those who only need coverage against damages inflicted on their mobile’s screen. Both these plans allow you to make 2 claims in a year.

Each of these plans has a separate coverage limit and coverage against different types of accidents or damages. Moreover, the premium that you need to play will depend on your handset’s invoice value and the plan that you choose. For more details, you will need to visit the page of mobile screen insurance on the official website of Bajaj Finserv.


High coverage amount

A maximum coverage amount up to the invoice value of your phone can be claimed in case of mobile replacement. In the case of screen replacement cover, you will get a reimbursement equal to the invoice value of the entire screen of your phone.

Remember that you will need to purchase the membership of the CPP Mobile Protect plan before the completion of the 15th day from the date when you purchased the phone. If you want to buy the membership of CPP Fonesafe Lite, you need to do it before the completion of the 45th day from the date when you purchased your mobile.


Coverage for all smartphone brands

The best thing about the mobile protection plans is that they cover almost all the smartphone brands in India. A mobile protection plan from Bajaj Finserv includes popular brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Vivo, OnePlus, Apple, etc., and also includes several not-so-popular mobile brands. Therefore, you can subscribe to these plans without worrying about the brand and model of your phone.


Online application

You can now buy mobile protection plan as Bajaj Finserv permits you to purchase its CPP Mobile Protection Plans by filling an online form that is uploaded on its official portal.

For completing the purchase of the mobile insurance online, you get multiple online payment options like UPI, mobile wallet, credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.


Add on benefits

There are many add-on benefits associated with both the mobile protection plans from Bajaj Finserv. The CPP Mobile Protect gives you free membership of Gaana Plus, Zee5, and F-Secure Antivirus Application for 1 year whereas the CPP Fonesafe Lite gives you free annual membership of Zee5 and F-Secure Antivirus app.

The F-Secure antivirus app needs to be installed on your device and it provides complete protection to your phone from viruses and malware. It also protects you from suspicious sites and provides total security from malicious apps by scanning them as soon as you download them.

Features like SIM blocking, deleting or locking confidential data from remote locations, locating mobile phones by using GPS, etc. make it a valuable feature against loss and theft of your smartphone. All these facilities and benefits make it a perfect phone insurance India policy.

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