For those of you who aren’t aware of what Chrome Cleanup tool is, it is a tool specifically designed by Google which allows users to scan PCs and detect suspicious applications which may interfere with the Google Chrome activity. It is a very robust and potent tool which keeps all malware attacks at bay. 

If you don’t want unwanted programs to prevent you from completely enjoying web experience, then it’s best that you get yourself a chrome cleanup tool. It allows you to experience better web browsing. 

While Chrome Cleanup tool can normally be downloaded and installed for use on PCs Windows 10 version, the app is no longer maintained by Google. For usage, the tool has become accessible for people as a part of the Chrome extension family. And if you want to use it, you can do so by installing the extension on your Chrome web browser. If you want to double-check suspicious programs, you can use it.

Is Using Chrome Cleanup Tool Safe? 

Using the Chrome Cleanup tool is absolutely safe. You can install and use the Chrome Cleanup tool on Windows 10 and other versions of the Windows. It can easily be run on Windows 7 and onwards. 

As far as the legitimacy is concerned, it is a completely legitimate software product powered by Google. 

The app allows you to find and detect potential threats and prevent your system from getting infected. 

How to Use Chrome Cleanup Tool? 

To run this software, you don’t require any special system requirements. All you need is the Google Chrome web browser installed on your system. You will require administrative rights though to make necessary changes. Even though the extension is not updated for quite some time, it still works great. 

If you want to use the Chrome Cleanup Tool, 

  • Download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from the Extension menu first. 
  • Bypass User Account Control during the Launch Phase 
  • Once You’ve Downloaded the Extension, Run the Program to Detect Suspicious Activities

How Long Does Chrome Cleanup Tool Take? 

If your PC is clear of potential threats, the extension hardly takes just a few seconds to scan any suspicious activity on your system. Usually, these suspicious elements are present in the form of a malware. After running a complete scan, it identifies the program which is creating the problem. In case, of no detection, the tool will prompt you with a message saying, “no programs found” 

In case, if the tool detects a suspicious activity, it will automatically remove the program from the system. 

How Do I Disable Google Chrome Cleanup Tool? 

If you want to disable Google Chrome cleanup Software, you will have to go through localappdata. 

1) Follow the source path of the file. 

2) once you locate it, right click software_reporter_tool.exe file and choose Properties. 

3) Within the Security tab, click on the Edit button and remove all groups and users from the list. 

What to Do If the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool Fails to Start Correctly? 

When your Google Chrome Cleanup Tool fails to initiate, it will encounter the following error 0xc0000005. This error is an indicator that your Google Chrome Cleanup Tool might’ve failed to work correctly. 

If you want to make the tool work for you, you can disable compatibility mode or you can reinstall your web browser. Try removing and reinstalling the Chrome web browser and the extension so it runs. 

Chrome Cleanup Tool is a Simple Yet Very Effective Cleanup Tool on the Market

There’s no denying the fact that Chrome Cleanup Tool is a simple yet very effective cleanup tool available in the market. It is a remarkable cleanup tool which allows users to scan PCs and detect harmful activities. Although the tool can be used through Google chrome extensions, you can still use the app as a standalone edition within your PC. However, no matter how effective the Chrome Cleanup Tool may appear to be, it still can’t match the ultimate power of a robust anti-malware application. 

It is no doubt a helpful tool for quick detections in real-time and removing potential malware threats. However, it is not a permanent solution for malware removal. It can shield you from incoming attacks for a limited time. But just in case, if you want to permanently remove malwares from your system, then you might want to use a proper malware scanner which may remove them successfully. 

So there you go, here’s just about every query which I believe every marketer may feel concerned about. Are you also planning to use the Chrome Cleanup Tool? Here are a few questions to get answered.

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