It should come as no surprise that Engaging Facebook is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most influential social networking sites.


The platform has now garnered over 2.85 billion monthly active users worldwide. Over the years, due to the massive popularity of the platform, brands and marketers have started using the platform to market their products and services and as expected, a large number of them have noticed incredible results!


Facebook is a vast ocean of content that is unscripted and created by the users themselves. Displaying such content further on the official website can offer amazing results to brands.

If you are wondering about the process, the Facebook widget can be created easily and in a few steps using an effective tool.


Continue reading the blog till the end as I have listed a few tools that work amazingly well to create a responsive and engaging Facebook widget for your website.

Let’s get started!


5 Best Tools to Create an Engaging Facebook Widget

1. Taggbox Widget


Taggbox, a major User-Generated Content and social media aggregator tool, ranks first on the list.

Users can collect, curate, and integrate content from more than 15 social networking networks, including Facebook, using Taggbox.


The users have the option to collect their preferred connection type while aggregating the content. They can collect content by selecting specific hashtags, usernames, mentions, etc. Post the aggregation of content, the users can easily customize the widget as per their personal needs and requirements. You can select from a wide range of templates, layouts, content styling options, etc to make the widget more engaging and appealing.


Furthermore, users also have the option to remove any unwanted and objectionable content from the widget using the profanity filter. Lastly, they can also track the performance of the Facebook widget by getting crucial information like overall engagement, likes, and overall impressions.


If at all, you encounter or come across an issue or glitch while using the platform, the 24×7 back support team of the platform will assist you till the issue is resolved.


2. Tagembed

Another responsive Facebook aggregator tool that enables you to create an amazing Facebook widget is Tagembed.

Tagembed enables you to aggregate and embed content on your business website. This responsive tool offers many features to its users.


Users can leverage the customization panel to make the widget attractive using their preferred style, templates, layouts, etc.

Additionally, the users can moderate the content and ensure the content is of topmost quality by removing anything useless and objectionable. Furthermore, the users also have the option to track the performance of the widget to determine how website users are responding to it.


3. Elfsight

Talking about Facebook widgets, we cannot miss out on Elfsight. This tool links your Facebook images with your official website. The highlight is the tool lets you adjust the size and width of the Facebook widget before publishing it on your website.


Additionally, the users also have the option to customize the Engaging Facebook widget, selecting from a range of backgrounds options, banners, fonts, themes, layout, etc. to make the widget more engaging and visually appealing.


4. Official Facebook Embedding Option

To those who are unfamiliar, Facebook itself offers a post embedding option to its users. The embedding process is also quite simple and can be done in a few minutes.

All that the users need to do is, click on the three dots on the post they wish to embed, click on the embed option, copy the shortcode and paste it on the backend of the website to finish the process.


The major drawback of this option is that it is a time-consuming process and allows users to embed only one post at a time.

On the other hand, the tools mentioned above aggregate the entire content in one go much more efficiently and effectively.


5. SnapWidget

Another responsive and user-friendly platform is SnapWidget. This tool  allows users to create a Facebook photo gallery widget for websites. Users can display the content in a variety of ways including slideshows, grids, etc.


Before publishing the widget, the users can have a look at the preview of how the widget would look like on the website. For more features, the users can upgrade to the pro version of this tool.

They can then get access to more features like analytics, custom CSS, etc.



Embedding Facebook posts on your website is a great way to showcase what your customers think and feel about your brand and its products.


Apart from making the website attractive, it also engages your website visitors and keeps them hooked for a longer period of time. It is a great way to display your brand’s social proof and all these factors would ultimately lead to a growth in sales and conversions.


Now that you are familiar with the best tools to create an engaging Facebook widget for your website, select the one that works best for you and get going!

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