Do you often feel surprised why Facebook social media video ads perform better in comparison to any other type of ads? Do you know that Facebook gets a staggering 8 billion video views everyday and as of April this year it hit an amazing 3.5 billion live broadcasts

There’s no denying that people love to watch entertaining stuff on social media. And if they can access that information and watch them in the form of video clips on social media, then what could be better? 

People want solutions and nowadays Facebook has become an ideal platform to offer just that. 

In short, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have now become a gold mine for businesses around the world. From joining your favorite celebs talking about products to custom tailored ads showing up relevant to your searches, Facebook has evolved from just being a basic social media platform. 

But even when it comes to marketing your product or service on social media through a video, not every video on Facebook converts. What makes individuals think twice before leaving your brand image? 

The Plan

If you want to make sure your marketing plan works and bring great results, then it’s important that you work up on a rewarding strategy. If you’re planning to market your business through a video, then strategize a plan. When starting with a social media video ad, start with brainstorming ideas, consider the content which you are going to put in your video, analyze the budget that you will be investing and what type of audience you will be targeting. Such stuff will help you get a direction in creating the video. 

When you establish an objective for your social media video beforehand, creating videos becomes easier. You can easily choose a particular theme, base your content around it, and target market video effectively. 

Choose Social Media Platform

Next step is to decide which social media platform you’re going to use to market your video. 

Why is choosing a social media platform significant? That’s because one video type might perform well on one platform, and it may not perform too well on another platform. For instance, a video designed for Facebook may not bring as much traffic to your website if you run the same video somewhere on LinkedIn. Hence, it is best that you first perform a thorough research on each of the platforms before you start investing in creating videos. Based on your chosen platform, you will create a better experience. 

Stories are trending, and getting a vertical video can work better for your brand than any other type of video ad. Why? Because vertical videos perform 79% better for mobile users bringing more engagement. 

What’s the Story Behind Your Video Ad? 

What makes a great video content truly amazing? If you ask me then it is the story behind the brand. 

When creating and editing your video, it is very essential that you give your video content a remarkable storyline. A great storyline will have a great impact on the viewer’s imaginations and can grasp their attention much more effectively. If you there’s a hook to your social media video content right in the beginning, the video will have a far greater impact and a much better chance to convert leads into traffic and convert em. 

Some brands take the entire process beyond by adding a strong emotion right at the beginning. 

It creates a powerful bond between the person and brand right from the moment.

Keep Things Short, Sweet & Concise

Short videos always create a remarkable impact on the audience. A short video is good enough to create a distraction and help take the attention away of a viewer to something interesting such as your brand.

An average length of a good short video can be somewhere around 10 seconds to 30 seconds. An ideal length in my opinion is 15 seconds long. That’s a good enough time to make your audience convinced. 

If you make it anything longer than the 30 seconds window, then your audience will simply scroll down. 

Well if the 30 second video isn’t enough to deliver the message, then you can always use a good CTA to go a little descriptive. Explain your audience more about your product/service through a powerful CTA. 

In this way, you can help them to learn more and better. 

Always Focus on Quality Rather than Just the Quantity

When creating a video, make sure that you focus on the quality of the video rather than producing quantity. There are so many viral videos and imagine where you people must’ve created them? On their smartphones using different smart apps. Use a decent smartphone, with the best camera & microphone. 

Record the video of your dreams and make it marvelously enticing. 

However, video quality isn’t everything unless it is coupled with other elements such as a great storyline, beautiful animations, good looking actors, and the overall editing of the video. Aim for perfection. 

And there you go, here are the 5 important things which I believe are important to consider if one is aiming to create a high converting video on social media. A good video marketing campaign can help you make millions. Create multiple variants and test these videos until you get one that works best for you.

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