If you’re not quite aware of what NetZero is, well it is a mobile broadband dial-up Internet service. It provides a seamless Internet connection where people can connect to the Internet through a simple dial-up process. Today, in the fast-paced growing environment, NetZero has become one of a globally recognized, prominent Internet service around the world. It is a great option for all those seeking to connect with the Internet through a simple phone dial-up process. It is available to the users as a free dial-up service which is limited to 10 hours, but once the time is up, then you’ve to pay for a subscription plan for their premium account. As a subscriber, you become a part of the NetZero family. 

Officially, NetZero uses a selection of two Internet services and use two different domain names for running a single website. This often causes a certain level of confusion among the service users. Consumers often wonder if both the domains are the same or are they different. Today, I will shed light on NetZero.com vs NetZero.net and identify what is the major difference between both domains.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how they are different or similar to each other. 

What Services Does the NetZero Offers Customers? 

NetZero is an Internet service that is available to customers who choose to use the Internet through a telephone landline. Although these Internet services are relatively slower than the normal Internet, they cost less than the normal Internet package and uses DSL or cable-based Internet connection. It comes with a free dial-up service which gives users up to 10 free hours of Internet users every month. It also comes with DSL Internet access which is available in limited areas and can offer great service. 

A Brief History on How NetZero Came into Existence

The inception of NetZero dates back to 1998 and comes as a free Internet service provider for initial use. It all started when the company started selling FREE internet through advertising and before you know it became massively populated. As a result, NetZero started charging users a certain amount depending on the number of hours a customer consumed. It is powered by United Online Inc. and according to its website, it is known as the leading provider of consumer products/services on the Internet. 

NetZero.net and NetZero.com are the Same Websites

NetZero.net is by default the official web address for the NetZero Internet service. So whether you type in NetZero.net in your web browser or NetZero.com into your web browser, you will reach the same conclusion, the official NetZero website. When a user types in NetZero.com in the address bar, it usually captures the traffic and using a simple tweak in the domain name’s setting directs the user to NetZero.net. A user who types in NetZero.com is then usually sent to the menu bar shortly afterward. 

NetZero.com Automatically Redirect to NetZero.net

When a user logs in using a NetZero.com address, it automatically changes to NetZero.net in the menu bar using a simple process known as the domain name redirection. It’s a common misconception that many individuals often fall under the false pretense that the domain extension for NetZero is .com as the case with every website; however, it is not because the official service is .net. 

If you haven’t considered getting an Internet service yet or you are located in a remote location in the United States, NetZero is a great option. It offers reliable Internet service with good connectivity. 

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