The future is all about video marketing.

Do you know that almost 80% of the marketing is going to shift its focus towards video marketing? 

That’s how rapidly the landscape of the Internet is changing. 

What was once considered a mere treat has now become a relevant and necessary tool of business. 

Facebook, just like YouTube, has now become a powerful video marketing tool competing head to head with the giants in industry. It has made a remarkable impact in the social media world already. Now, it is transforming itself into a massive platform where people can watch their favorite videos.

While, YouTube is specifically designed to cater to an audience interested in watching videos, finding what you’ve recently watched on it becomes relatively easier than any other platform. But, what if you want to find your desired video on a platform such as Facebook? What steps can you take to do so? 

Just like YouTube, it is possible to locate all the videos which you’ve previously watched on Facebook.

So tag along, continue reading and find out how to do it. 

You should also keep this in your mind that security of your Facebook account is very important. You can secure your FB account by using your mobile number with two factor authentication method. In case, you forget your mobile SIM number, then here you can find how to check sim number.

How to Find Videos Which You’ve Watched on Facebook?

There are two ways you can find your recently watched videos on Facebook. 

One of them is when you are accessing a mobile device, while the other is when you’re accessing a computer. For the sake of clarity and better understanding, I will be addressing only one of them. 

Step # 1: Log into your Facebook account. And navigate to the small arrow located on the far right. 

Step # 2: Click on the arrow and it will display a number of options. Click on Activity Log.

Step # 3: It will take you to an activity log page. Here, simply click on the More option. 

Step # 4: Select the Videos You’ve Watched option. 

And that’s it, you can now check out all the videos that you’ve previously watched on Facebook. The video log is not available on your timeline and the activities performed are sort of hidden from timeline. If you don’t want to keep a track record of all your videos, in case you get hacked and somebody misuse it, you can always clear your video history. To do so, go to the beginning of the page and select Clear Video Watch History from the top. You can even custom search your video if you like. 

Apart from the fact that Facebook video history section is not quite easy to locate, yet it still gets the job done using clear video thumbnails compared to programs such as YouTube. Hopefully, in the near future, when Facebook starts putting more focus in optimizing video content, we will also see a dedicated tab for checking our video watching history. Until then, let’s wait and watch where it goes.

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