Customer service can be very complicated and challenging. I do not know if it is because of how society is today or if it’s always been that way, but current customers have very high expectations. (Expectations that can sometimes be impossible.) To further complicate things, a lot of these customers are quite active on different social media platforms.

Companies today have to be very careful seeing that modern customers will not hesitate to make known their grievances on the medias any time they feel a company has failed them. So, what are companies to do in 2019 to try and provide exemplary customer service even when the battle their fighting seems like an uphill task?

Here are four things that you should consider doing to keep your service scores excellent and employees’ morale high.

1. Be a Team

Things are a lot easier when you work as a team. When you feel like your co-workers and boss have your back, it’s a lot easier to handle all sorts of complaints as they arise. If the complaint is one that you deserve, then you must take responsibility and own up to your mistakes – affirmation is one way to provide exemplary customer service. But, in this instance, we are talking about when a customer/client is complaining about something that’s beyond your control. Fostering an environment where your employees feel like they are part of a team will make them enjoy work more, making it easier for them to provide better quality services.

2. Be Efficient Rather Than Fast

There will always be calls to be answered, and this tempts a lot of people to go for speed rather than quality. As a result, the service that you provide suffers. While this might work for a while, it will not work out very well for the organization in the long run. But that doesn’t mean you waste time or chat with callers. You must be efficient. Take time to listen to their grievances, answer any questions they might have, offer assistance, and provide the information they need before hanging up and moving on to the next caller. However, that does not mean that you focus on speed only. From my experience, services that most callers end up feeling worst about are those that they don’t feel like they were heard. In such instances, they feel like the operator rushed their call and did not take the time to listen to and solve the problem. Take your time, but be proficient.

3. Make Sure the Information You Need is Readily Available

As an operator at an answering service (Answerfirst Communications, Inc.), we have an easy time answering phones since all the information we need about the customer we are talking to pops up on a screen. This makes it easier for us to understand who the customer is and how they are related to what they are talking about. However, we do come across a few challenges, especially when clients do not give us all the information we need to answer their questions. It is a lot easier to handle any grievances when you have the right information with you. Consider creating a FAQ sheet with the answers right next to the questions. That way, when any of your operators answers the phone, you can rest assured that they’ll give the right information quickly and accurately.

4. Do Not Talk Down to Customers

When a customer calls, they often do so because they have an issue. In most cases, they are confused about a product or service. Avoid being condescending and do not talk to them like they are stupid – keep in mind that you know the product or service well because you work for the company. The worst you could do is make your customer feel as though you think he or she is stupid. Doing so could bruise their emotions and would leave a bad taste in their mouth. Be friendly, be kind, be patient, and your customer will be grateful!

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