Nowadays, Android is comfortably ranking at the top among the best operating systems for mobile app development.

As the community of product owners for Android development emerged, so did its ecosystem. With hundreds of development tools, frameworks, and advanced technologies available, choosing the best ones and a reliable android app development company for your android app development project becomes crucial.

This decision affects the entire process, including the development time, cost, etc.

Here, you will get a considerable understanding of the top framework for Android app development. This detailed data about these frameworks will surely help you choose the suitable one for your app development in 2021.

Frameworks For Android App Development

React Native

Launched in 2015, React Native is a cross-platform development, open-source framework. Facebook backs this powerful Android framework. React mainly relies on an enormous JS library React to create applications on iOS and Android.

Its cross-platform characteristics enable product owners to write the code only once and then use it elsewhere. Along with this, you must hire a trusted android apps development company to make the entire process fast and cost-effective.

React Native comprises built-in APIs and UI components that provide Android apps with excellent performance and a natural look.

Furthermore, it offers hot-reload features, which allows you to update data without affecting the app’s current state.

This comprehensive framework is the first choice of tech giants like Tesla, Airbnb, and Instagram for developing native applications.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a comprehensive framework specially designed for building native mobile apps. It is usually denoted as one of the most reliable Android development frameworks by the community of product owners worldwide.

Sencha Touch uses HTML5 and JavaScript, enabling it to create comprehensive and dynamic applications. Android apps developed using Sencha Touch offer consistent performances as the framework incorporates hard work speed-up methods.

With numerous native themes and UI components, this framework helps you create eye-catching and captivating Android applications.


Corona SDK

Released in 2009, Corona SDK is an open-source android framework with straightforward syntax. It is recognized as the most advanced 2D mobile app development platform worldwide for both iOS and Android.

The prime reason behind its immense popularity is Android game development. However, most product owners utilize it as a general-purpose Android framework for their mobile app development.

One of the most interesting features of Corona SDK is that it allows a ten times quicker development process than several other popular frameworks.

With only a single code base, Corona SDK can create games and apps for desktops and smartphones. This powerful framework is available for both macOS and Windows.


Powered by Microsoft, Xamarin is an extensive open-source framework used to build Android applications with “.NET” technology.

This robust framework is relatively older than several other cross-platform frameworks available in the market.

Xamarin comprises an ultramodern toolkit using which product owners can execute the development process with a shared code written in XAML or C#.

This exceptional code-sharing feature helps you cut down the number of bugs and time during the development process.

This excellent framework uses the cloud testing service of Microsoft, thereby allowing easy app testing on various Android devices.

Upon making Visual Studio a partner, Xamarin got the likes of internet sensations, Siemens, Pinterest and the World Bank for mobile application development.


TheAppsBuilder is an exclusive HTML based app-building framework that supports a codeless User Interface. Thus, even if you don’t have any knowledge of coding, you can still use this framework for Android app development.

TheAppsBuilder is a suitable choice for developing data-based Android apps. The drag-drop feature of this framework allows you to assemble the app in a quick and easy manner.

In fact, TheAppsBuilder offers you built-in blocks that have functionality like content updates, feedback, push notifications, polls, etc. Maybe the best feature of TheAppsBuilder is its easy integration into Google Play, flaunting a social media appearance.


Built-in 2012, Ionic is an open-source, free-of-cost framework under the certification of MIT. This framework allows product owners to develop modern hybrid applications with the help of CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 across various platforms.

Ionic encompasses a myriad of gestures, animations, and software tools. These resources help you facilitate the development of first-class desktop, mobile and advanced web applications using a single code base.

Apart from this, this framework hosts a straightforward CLI, thereby enabling access to the features like Live Reload, logging, emulators, etc. The flexibility and CLI support of Ionic makes it one of the top frameworks for Android app development.

Ionic easily integrates with various libraries like AngularJS and Cordova. Cordova’s plugins enhance the features and functionality of this competitive framework through several components like GPS, camera, and more.


Apache and Adobe back PhoneGap as an excellent open-source framework for android app development as this efficient framework makes use of advanced web development programming languages like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to build and design applications.

Apart from Android, other operating systems can also leverage and use PhoneGap with the help of an android app development company for intuitive app development. It also allows you to work without hardware-specific restrictions.

Most product owners choose this framework as it enables them to make and verify the changes on an app in real-time. Cordova WebView has accomplished the newest version of PhoneGap, which makes its code integration into more prominent native apps feasible.


Flutter is a young one in the line of mobile app development SDKs. This robust framework is setting up app development trends under the ownership and maintenance of Google.

Dart programming technology and a single codebase are used to write this exceptional framework. Nowadays, Flutter is approaching app development differently as it helps you streamline the multi-platform development process to create top-notch interfaces for iOS and Android.

Being Google’s in-house product, Flutter offers a comprehensive 2D rendering engine known as Skia. Visuals generated with Skia resemble Cupertino Style and Material Design.

Wrapping Up

Project needs are always different when you are seeking productivity from app development. It’s quite compelling to label anyone from this list of best frameworks for Android app development as each one has its benefits for you.

You would have to compare the functionality of every framework with the features your app requires. It would surely help you choose the suitable one with ease.

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