We can call Generation Z as the internet generation. 90s Kids used to play real-life activities and spent time in different ways. This new generation is not that talkative as we millennials were. The reason is the excessive use of mobile phones, which has made them live in the virtual world. This virtual world does not give only benefits but also can take your children away from you. Parents can’t change their routines but can prevent their kids from potential cyber dangers using the android spy app. Let’s start our article with who is Generation Z and how they behave online.


Generation Z – Who They Are?

Gen Z is those born between 1997 & 2012. They are also known as the silent generation because they live in a virtual world. They are less talkative and prefer to make online friends.

We can see how much our new generation use smartphones. They use social media, online games, chatting, etc. but parents should watch their activities, or they can interact with cybercriminals or online predators.



How Our Teens Behave Online?

If we talk about millennials, they had no unlimited internet access or internet freedom. Such kids & teens interact with the real-life world rather than the virtual world. But our new generation can’t accept the fact of real-life because they want to enjoy internet freedom. Excessive internet usage reflects how much they are obsessed with virtual life. Parents often hand over the phone without setting the rules, and it can lead to stress, anxiety, physical health problems, etc.


Let’s find out how our teens & kids use the Internet:


1 – Trust every Online Friend

Grooming kids are over-confident about their communicating skills. Hence, they trust every online friend who can be an online predator. Yes, such sexual predators use social media to access the child and build a friendship bond. Once they know the insecurities of the kids, they begin to blackmail them or ask them for their private pictures.


2 – Enter Credit Card Number on Insecure Sites

Hackers use every trick to steal banking details and credit card numbers. Online purchasing is the basic way they use the most. Yes, when a user enters all the banking details on an insecure site, hacker easily gets the chance to steal the money without letting the user know.


3 – Share Private Information on Social Media 

Teens go crazy for the likes and posts every type of content only to get a few likes from online friends. Kids never think about the results because fake online friends often use such parts to reach them. Many online trafficking cases have been reported. These criminals use the personal details of the child, including school name, phone number, photos, etc. to reach them.


4 – Ask Google more question than the Parents

We can also call the Generation Z is the Google Generation. Because whenever they get a question to ask, they open Google and enter the query. Parents are not that tech-savvy as their kids are, and this is the reason they do not know the answers of their teens.


5 – Watch Inappropriate Content 

Unlimited vulgar or offensive content is available on the internet. Our grooming kids get attracted the most toward such online stuff. Watching inappropriate content can cause serious mental health problems and can affect their real-life relations. Addiction among teens has become common with Gen Z, and parents are worried about them.

We can’t take the internet freedom from our kids but can protect them online using some tips.


Tips – Teach New Generation Some Internet Rules Before you Hand Over them Phone

Parents should know what their kids do online and whom they talk all night. Such monitoring minimizes online threats, but first, we should teach them some internet rules.

1 – Teach them how to avoid strangers.

2 – Never Share Personal Information, Photos, Videos, etc.

3 – They should avoid group chat or comment sessions, as it can lead to cyberbullying.

4 – Don’t buy Online products from insecure sites.

5 – Tell them How online games can affect their mental health.

Teaching the kids about online rules can reduce potential cyber dangers. But are sure that they follow the rules?


Then, what should we do?

Parents should get help from the android spy app. Yes, such non-intrusive apps give the end-user remote access and also work stealthily in the background on the target device. It only requires app installation on the target phone then it enables the end-user to check every running online activity remotely. Some modern apps also allow the parents to set the screen time, access to social media profiles, hack contacts, access to phone call recordings, etc.


Wrapping Up

It’s not our young generation fault that they live in a virtual world, but it’s a fact. We can’t deny the technology benefits, but we should guard Gen Z against online threats. Once they go online without rules, they will be uncontrollable. But using TheWiSpy android spy app, we can track their online activities and take action against any suspicious activity.

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