Nowadays, almost all Instagram users use Instagram videos or stories. They want more views on Instagram, and these can quickly become a top source.

Getting enough views on Instagram takes time and effort. But don’t get depressed! If you want to get 1,000 views on Instagram for free at first, but don’t know how to do it, this article will help you. Read it to explore it in depth.

Get 10k Instagram followers to get “hack” 1000 Instagram views for free easily

If you want to get 1000 free Instagram views , the first thing you need to  buy Instagram followers Australia. As we all know, having enough followers and likes on Instagram can lay a good foundation for receiving views on Instagram. If you only have a few followers on Instagram, according to the Instagram algorithm your publications will not have the opportunity to reach more users, so attracting more visits on Instagram will be impossible.

So first of all, how do you go about getting 10k Instagram followers instantly? You may have noticed that getting 1 or 2 followers is easy, but if you want to have 10k followers on Instagram, that’s hard. To solve this problem, there is an app called Sociallygo that can help you get free real followers and likes on Instagram, instantly. You just have to follow other Instagram users and like them to earn free coins, and then use those coins to get active followers and likes quickly. In addition, all the Instagram followers and likes you receive will be from real, active Instagram users, and you will receive 1000 free views of your Instagram stories through these active Instagram followers. Also, this website for Instagram followers will not break the rules of the platform, because all your followers will be delivered to your account at a natural and organic speed. It does not have malware or virus during download and installation, it is totally safe and private. Just try Sociallygo to buy 10000  Instagram followers Australia first, and then you will receive 1000+ views on Instagram for free and totally organic and natural.

Related hashtags: Post on specific topics to attract views on Instagram

Like other social networks, Instagram relies heavily on the use of hashtags. Hashtags attached to Instagram videos have a big impact to receive 1000 free views of Instagram videos . A smart hashtag can not only encourage the Instagram audience to watch your videos, it can also help you increase free Instagram followers for business. Also, a great hashtag will reach more Instagram users and shorten the distance between your account and your target audience.

If you need to promote your brands, you can choose trending hashtags that include popular topics and create some videos about them. If many users search for these popular topics, the Instagram algorithm will be able to give you more visibility and bring your videos to the top of Instagram. Once your videos are on top of Instagram, getting views on Instagram for free will be a simple matter.

Subtitles in your video: provide more in-depth explanations for users

Instagram is a highly visual platform. As you scroll through the Instagram feed, images and videos can be seen everywhere. Many Instagram users want to get 1000 views on Instagram for free right out of the box, but they don’t add captions to their videos as a means of engaging their audience. Adding subtitles to your video is very important. In fact, this can provide deeper explanations of your video to the audience and attract Instagram followers instantly and totally free, preventing them from passing your video by.

How to create attractive subtitles on your video?

  • Captions should be descriptive enough to attract people, but not so long that users cannot finish reading them before screen transition. The duration of the subtitles should depend on the reading speed of the audience and the time spent on the screen.
  • All subtitles must appear at the right time. That means when you add captions to your videos, you need to consider the relationship between captions and scenes. Subtitles and scenes must correspond one by one.

The Chanel video is a great example of how to create engaging captions, and it shows that adding captions to your videos is one way to help your audience understand the content of your videos much more deeply. In the video we see the history of Chanel’s costumes, and Chanel put appropriate and attractive subtitles on the scenes in her video to give the audience an excellent explanation.

Post videos in rush hour: get views on Instagram quickly

Posting your videos during rush hour will make a big difference. Most audience engagement and interactions usually take place within a short period of time after posting. Therefore, knowing the best time to post on Instagram can increase your Instagram views even more. After receiving a number of video views, Instagram will bring you more, and then you will get more than 1000 free views on Instagram in no time.

Fact, different brands and products have different peak hours. Instagram Insight is a tool that will tell you when Instagram users are most active, discriminated by location, age and gender. This information can help you analyze the peak moment for your brands and products.

Description optimization: highlight to capture user interest

Although Instagram is a high visibility platform, descriptions also play an important role in getting views on Instagram for free. When we scroll through the feeds, all the videos and images are the protagonists, and many Instagram users always ignore the descriptions to attract users. However, descriptions can persuade users to keep watching your video, rather than keep seeing other things in your feed. Good descriptions will give you more opportunities for the audience to see your videos.

Here are some useful tricks to optimize the description and get 1,000 free views on Instagram.

  • Your description should summarize the content of your video, but not be too specific. You only need to give your audience a summary to entice them to watch the video. However, there is no specific length for your description. So, test what is the best duration for your audience.
  • If you really need a specific description for your video, you should put the most attractive and crucial part in front so that users will quickly pick up the points.
  • Mention and tag related influencers. This will increase the visibility of your videos much more.


For an Instagram beginner, getting 1000 Instagram views for free seems like a challenge. But if you apply all these practical tricks, you will make a lot of progress that will be reflected in new views on Instagram. Remember that, every day, getting Instagram views is just as important as getting followers. This will make your posts be seen by more people on Instagram. If you want to manage your Instagram and become an influencer quickly, you can  visit Sociallygo and combine with these tricks, and thus you will see how many free Instagram visits and followers you will get.

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