Google has added another promotion to help push forward its cloud gaming service Stadia into more households. This time, YouTUbe Premium subscribers can get its USD$ 100 Premiere Edition bundle for free.

Google’s Stadia Premiere Edition features one Stadia controller in addition to a Chromecast Ultra one. It is however important to understand that the Chromecast Ultra included in this package is an old model instead of the recently released Chromecast with Google TV (free Stadia game kits). Google has said that the new Chromecast with Google TV will not support the cloud gaming service until the first half of the year 2021.

With Stadia’s one-year anniversary coming up anytime in the coming week, the service has come a long way over the last year.

Regrettably, those who plan to subscribe to YouTube Premium now, they will not have the option to redeem this offer. The promotion is only available if they have subscribed to YouTube Premium since November 6, as revealed by Twitter user going by the handle @RandomNoobYT, who posted a screenshot and conditions, explain in detail what kind of subscribers are eligible for the promotion.

With Stadia’s one-year anniversary also coming nearby, the service has come a long way over the last year. Stadia has increased its library with a lot of well-known blockbuster titles, among them being Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Destiny 2: Beyond Light, arriving at the same time as other platforms.

Stadia has also released various features to its service, like Family Sharing. This helps users share their Stadia Library with a friend or family member at no additional cost (Stadia gaming kits).

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