Halloween is here and right after the fun-filled, spooky, blood-curdling season, we have Christmas and New Year just around the corner.

Businesses leverage the power of social media to attract new audiences around the year. And in the holiday seasons, they sell their products abundantly.

It helps them achieve an upsurge in reaping a hefty amount of profit in little time.

1) Do you want to warm up audiences and prepare them to purchase products/services from you?
2) Do you desire that your sales skyrocket and achieve maximum business this holiday season?

We all want that and if you too, here’s an interesting article that can help you design the perfect holiday-themed Facebook ad campaign.

Why Does Your Business Need a Seasonal Holiday Campaign?

While you work around your business for a good number of years, there is one day of the year when you may see an unbelievable spike in your sales. It can be the Fourth of July, Black Friday or Valentine.

These are some of the days where you can create a remarkable number of sales, connect with the right individuals, run powerful holiday campaigns and generate quite the buzz around the business. 

If you’re successful in creating an impact the first time, your customers will wait for you next year too. 

The whole purpose of running holiday marketing campaigns is to find and connect with the right audience. And Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing channels to upscale your business. 

Check Your Last Year’s Performance

If you have an existing business that has been operating for a couple of years or more from now, then analyzing traffic from the previous year is of significant importance. Even if it’s your first time running a website and social media campaign, you can still follow all of the discussed steps for future years. 

For businesses existing for a long period of time… You can take a look at their historical information. 

While doing so, ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Did you see peaks in your traffic during the holiday season? 
  • Did the peaks happen at a particular instance or in intervals? 

Google Analytics is a great tool that provides all of the necessary information required to answer these questions. If you’re not using Analytics already, then you can optimize it for your website.

For new users, setting analytics up for your website is fairly easy. 

Learn how to set up Google Analytics for your Business. 

Google Analytics will give you a complete insight on various metrics such as users, revenue, conversion rate, and sessions over time. Here’s a snap of what graphs on analytics will look like:

graphs on analytics will look like

The peaks in the graph will represent the points when your business generated maximum revenue.

While trends can change, you will have insight on where to focus while running marketing campaigns.

Optimize Product Landing Pages

So before you make up your mind to custom-tailor your marketing campaigns and run them on social media, take a look at your website. Is your website prepared to sell your products personalized on a specific holiday theme? It is important to optimize your website and make it a high-conversion funnel.

Imagine you visit a store which has been glossy-advertised and the moment you walk into the store, it starts looking very bland instead… That’s how your customers will feel when they click on your holiday personalized campaign and find themselves entering a store that is not customized for the holiday. 

Here’s what you can do to overcome that gap. 

Optimize different product landing pages based on the holiday season you wish to leverage.

Google Optimize is a remarkable tool that can help you optimize your website pages for any particular seasonal Facebook campaigns. It enables you to run A/B multivariate tests on website product pages.  

By sending two formats of the same page, you can eventually see which is more profit-generating. 

Test different elements on your website and landing pages, for instance: 

  • Tweak around with images
  • Add a Holiday themed video 
  • Customize Titles & Subtitles
  • Customize Product Descriptions
  • Add Call-to-Actions (CTA) and buttons

Warm Up Your Facebook Audience with Relevant Content

It is not necessary that you only run ad campaigns to sell your product/service. You can even combine Facebook ads with different content (such as blog posts, articles, and videos). By running these different content types, you can significantly achieve a lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions). 

There is a strong chance the audiences are more likely interested in interacting with content which is not promotional and instead, informative. It’s a great way to warm up prospects and increase sales. 

This strategy greatly works if you’re selling a high functioning product in the market which has a great many benefits. Brands like Red Bull are a great example that presented a firm focus on awareness. 

So here’s what Red Bull did that made it stand apart as a brand and create the perfect awareness. Red Bull launched a tropical-flavored “Summer Edition” energy drink for its Australian market. They started their actual campaign with a promotional teaser just before the summer season in Australia. By enabling the audience to focus on the new look and feel of the cans, they added yellow filters across a variety of images and videos focusing on portraying typical summer days with #thissummer. 

The hashtag trend went viral on Instagram and Twitter, and RedBull created perfect awareness.

As a result, RedBull found,

  • 10-point lift in top-of-mind awareness
  • 9-point lift in favorability
  • 7-point drop in the unconvinced market
  • 1.2 million Consumers reached 

It is important that you identify how consumers work through social paths on social media platforms. They are not just there to purchase products, MIMY are there for entertainment and infotainment.. 

How to Make Sure Your Facebook Ad Campaign Works? 

If there is one thing that’s going to take a lot of investment, it’s your money that you are going to spend on running Facebook ad campaigns during the holiday seasons such as Christmas or Hanukkah. 

Many advertisers spend almost a fortune on businesses just to gain enough customer attention and convince them to make the choice of purchasing products/services for them. They do it for high CPM. 

Branex is a digital marketing agency that also optimizes different Facebook Elements. Some of these elements are significantly important so let’s discuss a few which I believe are worthy of attention. 

Testing Your Facebook Audience

Begin your journey by testing your Facebook Audience. 

Perform an adequate amount of research and identify your ideal customers. 

The best way of doing so is to visit your Facebook Ads Manager and check this information from your Audience Insight. Here’s what the audience insight will look like to your customers:

audience insight

Audience Insights will provide you plentiful information on data like age range, gender, education level, page likes (interests), location and more. 

Let’s assume that you’re running a Facebook ad campaign for beauty products such as cosmetics.

 Facebook ad campaign for beauty products

Then you may wonder who your core audience is right? Well, it can be females aging between the range 18-34. Now take some time and ponder who are these women that will be interested? 

What are their preferences? Whether they will be engaged in a group or not? What keywords can they leverage to search for cosmetic products? What are their common interests and where to find them?

By answering these questions, you will be able to build up a specific audience that might be interested in what you are selling. Create your specific audience for product type and then save it for later use. 

Create your specific audience for product

Testing Your Ad Creatives

In the simplest of terms, an ad creative is an object containing all data for visually rendering the ad. 

If you want to test your Facebook ad creative, navigate yourself to the Facebook Ads Manager. Create an ad set using one of your newly built audience types. Create an ad within the ad set to test creatives:

Testing Your Ad Creatives

You will find multiple options such as Carousel, Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow & Canva. 

Simply, pick the one that meets your requirements and test it. This method is time-saving, and cost-saving because it can save you the hassle of publishing several duplicate ads and lose budget. 

Also, Facebook will automatically optimize the best-performing creative and lower your ad cost. 

Testing Your Facebook Ad Copy

If you have successfully designed your ad creatives, it is now time to create an ad copy and then tests it. You can create multiple Facebook ad copies and then try sending out to your saved audiences. 

You can use multiple ways to send the word out. It will help you analyze which of the ad copies are creating the best results. For instance, if you’re running an ad campaign to promote beauty products, 

  • Discuss the uniqueness of the product. 
  • Discuss what ingredients the product holds. 
  • Discuss what sets you apart from the rest. 
  • Is your product safe and sustainable, discuss. 

Here are a few things that you must discuss before you build yourself a rewarding ad sales copy.

Be exuberant if you’ve to! But finding ideas that are crafty and helps you give a different angle to your story than the rest on the block. Use your creativity to craft creatives for your particular ad which entices your target audience and eventually, you will be able to hit the audience right on the spot!   

How to Scale up Your Facebook Holiday Marketing Campaigns? 

You’ve finally optimized your Facebook ads successfully within a small budget. You are now seeing some good positive results and you can see some efficient growth patterns appear in the business. 

But, like every other business person, you want to see your business grow more effectively than the rest of the competition. In order to do so, you will require to upscale your Facebook ad campaigns. 

Here are some ways how you can scale up your Facebook ad campaign to create more business. 

Replicate Ad Sets Which are Performing Adequately

Is one of your existing ad sets generating a good amount of profit? Does it have a low cost per conversion? Then all you’ve to do is duplicate that ad set and utilize it in multiple other campaigns. 

This trick will help you narrow down your audience and help you clearly focus on conversions. 

Replicate Winning Ad Sets with a Higher Budget

Another way is to replicate a winning ad set and then invest a good budget on it? It will allow you to reap some greater profit returns. Plus, you can create significant awareness of your brand as well. 

Assume that you’re spending $8 a daily budget on running one of your campaigns with a low cost per conversion. Just replicate this ad set and create 2 – 8x higher budget ad sets for the same campaign. If the new ad performs better than the previous one, simply replace the new ad set with the old one. 

Increase the Budget of an Existing Winning Ad Set

Sometimes, you don’t have to think outside the box. Sometimes, all you have to do is just select one of the existing winning Facebook ad set, and then increase your budget on it. If it performs well, the campaign does a good job and after 1-2 days, they see that you automatically reach an effective CPC. 

In the End

Running Facebook campaigns can be full of stress. However, if you’re properly prepared and you have done every step right, there is hardly any problem that you will have to face. By analyzing the previous year’s data and optimizing website and sales copy conversions, you will soon be on your way climbing the stories of successes. Just keep monitoring the ad performance 

And Voila! You will be making so much business in such a short window of time, you will be amazed.

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