Just like any industry, the internet has drastically changed the market. Not many
industries out there are even close to how they used to be before the internet. This post
will analyze the main ways and it will be quite eye opening.

Access to Real Estate Information

Back in the mid 1900’s, not many people really even knew about real estate. You had to
be pretty involved in the industry to know how the market was doing in certain areas
across the country. Now, you can find out how an area is doing with a simple Google

In my opinion, it is a great thing. It is making everyone more informed and able to make
better decisions for practices such as real estate investment. In a way, everyone is on a
much more even playing field and it’s making it more competitive.

Most people love the competition because it makes it better for consumers in the real
estate market. It is amazing how all information is at the end of your fingertips when it
comes to searching online.

Getting Leads

The process of getting real estate leads has also totally changed. The internet has
made it easy for a real estate agent or mortgage lender to gain leads and gain more
customers in their industry. Beforehand, everything was so closed off.

With the internet, there are hundreds of websites that can get leads easily and market to
customers for their real estate service. It is making it so competitive. That is why the
best design for real estate websites is important because it can help companies gain
more leads to add to their pipeline to make more sales.

More Investing Opportunity

The third point that I need to make kind of relates heavily to the first point. Since people
are more informed about real estate, there are naturally more investing opportunities.
Things such as crowdfunding and REIT’s have made it pretty easy to get into real estate

The internet has broken down so many barriers in real estate investing and it is crazy
how different the landscape is compared to what it used to be. Investors can get into

the industry now much easier. Before the internet, the barrier of entry was high, and it
was a pain to get into the market if you did not have a lot of money and a great network.
Those are just a few of the ways that the internet has affected the real estate market. It
is crazy to think about how much it has changed. It will definitely never be the same
compared to what it used to be. If you found this post interesting, then please do us a
favor and share this post.

I hope that it really opened your eyes and thank you so much for reading this post. It will
be interesting to see how the industry continues to evolve and change for the better.

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