Cooking has become a vital part of our lives. Nowadays everybody prefers home-cooked food as it is cheap, healthy and nutritious.

The current pandemic has left people bored, nothing else to do. Because of this, many people have started brushing their cooking skills. Even the people who don’t know how to cook are learning to do it.

Most people rely on the internet when it comes to searching for new recipes. This is the right time to start your own cooking app.

Instead of uploading videos on YouTube or managing your own WhatsApp cooking group, you can create a recipe app.

So today, in this article, we will show you how to create a recipe app. And if you already have one, we will show you how to make it better than others.

The essential feature of a Recipe App:

These are the features you need to add to your recipe app. These are the indispensable core features you must include in your app.

  • List of Recipe and Ingredients:

Without this feature, your app will be pretty useless. You need to add a list of unique and innovative recipes in the app. You have three options to do it. You can use an existing database of recipes, create your own database, or let users upload and share their recipe. The app developer company in California an help you make the right choice based on your budget.

  • Instructions:

Step instructions set the second most important feature. You need to simplify the instructions in the app. Provide step by step instructions along with pictures so that users can follow the recipe.

  • Personalization Block:

Users will be able to connect with you through personalization. The first thing you can do is include a recipe share option where the users can upload their own recipes. Secondly, you can consist of the like and comment option along with bookmarks. The users can bookmark the recipe they need.

  • Search and Filter:

You need to add the search and filter feature so that users can directly search the recipe they want. You can include autosuggestion and provide multiple filter options depending characteristics of the food items—Example, sugar-free, gluten-free, low-fat, etc.

How to make your recipe app Better than Others?

If you already have a basic recipe app, you need to make sure it beats all the other apps. You can include all these advanced features to make it better.

  • Discovery Screen: Add a new home screen to engage the users.
  • Video Guides: Along with simple instructions, you can add a video tutorial for each recipe in your app.
  • Shopping List: Add a shopping list in your app so that users can directly purchase the ingredients required for the recipe.
  • Store Locator: You can add a nearby store locator in the app along with a price comparison feature.
  • Voice Commands: You can add a voice command feature in your app so that users can control it through the voice. It becomes challenging to operate the phone and cook at the same time.
  • Food Scanner: With this feature, users can scan the food item using the app and get recipe suggestions.

So, these are all the features you need to add to your recipe app. You can contact an app developer to get all this done.

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