Throughout my career, first as a freelance web designer and then with my agency creating websites or web pages as many clients call them, I have learned through failures and failures.

Although, I have created a series of strategies, that fear never goes away, you learn to live with it. Obviously it is a bit exaggerated since with a well executed plan that fear does not exist, I have 3 months of my fixed expenses covered in advance in a savings account, I always go 3 months in advance to avoid chaos in times of crisis.

Very well, now if we start, I am going to share with you the strategies that I have learned over the years so that getting clients for web design Dublin is not what you have to worry about. 

Let’s move to the strategies to get web design clients in Dublin. 


Strategy # 1: Partnerships with other companies.

It is about working together with other companies in exchange for you to send them clients or a commission. It could be divided into two types:


  • Alliances with agencies and freelancers of complementary services.


In this case I am talking about agencies or independent that offer services similar or related to yours but that are not your competition.

For example, if you offer website design and development services, you could create alliances with graphic design agencies, digital marketing agencies such as SEO Galway agency, ads, printers, and the like.

Clients regularly look for comprehensive services so this would make life easier for clients when they find all the web services they need in a group of companies or freelancers integrated with each other.



  • Alliances with companies and independent indirect services.


In this case I am talking about consultants or business consulting companies, incubators, even lawyers and accountants, among many other professionals.

Finally, the clients of these companies will most likely require a website, not to mention companies that offer consulting for SMEs. In addition, these companies can add the web design service to their portfolio of services and offer it directly to the client.

In this strategy the key is to find something that is of value and is interesting to your ally, whether it is a commission that seems attractive to promote you or, it may be that you recommend it to your clients.


Strategy # 2: Presentations at events and conferences.

Participating as a speaker in events where you can give a conference will open many doors with potential clients, even more so in events that are closely related to the profile of your potential clients. For this I recommend creating a buyer persona, you can use this buyer persona generator that I recommend to perfectly locate your customer.

Once identified, start searching and participating by giving presentations. It does not matter that it is free, the reward you will take in the end when your potential clients approach you. For this to happen you must show off in the presentation. Avoid sounding commercial even if your goal is to sell, focus on adding value and showing how expert you are in your area and if they need the service, they will surely look for you.

I recommend you be careful and avoid wasting time in schools where you don’t have potential clients, unless this is your target audience.


Strategy # 3: Create inbound marketing content.

Inbound marketing allows you to attract potential customers who are often convinced of the product or service they need. That is, not going to impact your clients with advertising as is traditionally done, better, serve clients who are already looking for your services or are strong candidates to buy from you.

For example, create a blog . Positioning in search engines such as Google with relative content of interest to your target audience will make people come wanting to solve problems or learn with your content and have you as a reference for when they require your services.

Create valuable content on social networks . First, clearly identify where your potential customers are, maybe on Instagram, maybe on LinkedIn, and then start generating valuable content such as podcasts, videos, infographics, the formats and content channels are many.

This is one of the cheapest strategies, which requires more creativity than money and above all, more profitable in the long term.


Strategy # 4: “Apply” to job openings.

This strategy is little known and I am surprised that not more people do it. It’s about finding web design job positions.

People who publish vacancies have a specific need for a person to support them internally in their company with the activities of a designer or web developer. How about offering them an external alternative? Either as a freelance or as an agency.

They can surely come to an agreement where both can win. That it is better for the company to have you instead of hiring a full-time person in your company and you, who have a very good client who can pay a full-time person monthly.


Strategy # 5: Get closer to the prospect (Cold Sell).

How many websites have you visited and they have an outdated or poorly designed website? I also assure you that many of them have problems with their suppliers. I have met many clients who have suffered with bad providers who give them very bad service.

This is a golden opportunity. Therefore, I recommend that you go into explored mode and contact companies with outdated websites or where you find that you could improve your.

Be very clear in the offer you make, do not offer the redesign of the website, find the problem that being like this represents and explain it. They are probably losing customers due to a poorly designed website. Take advantage of the telephone, message or email approach that you are going to make so that they clearly understand the incredible value that you can bring to their business.

If you want to alert that potential client and try to convince him more, tell him about opportunities that he is losing and that his competition is taking, I assure you that this is what it hurts the most to hear from a business owner.

Apply these 5 strategies that I just shared with you and I am sure your customers will increase, stop following the traditional recommendations that do not give you quick results.

Do you have your own strategies? Share them in the comments!

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