More than 600 million registered professionals are found using LinkedIn as a social media platform for increasing business connections. In today’s world, LinkedIn has become the largest B2B market space and those who are unable to use the platform effectively in their favor are losing a big chunk of customers online. Are you one among such brands failing to make the most out of this ever growing platform? Today, I am going to help you learn how one can improve marketing on LinkedIn.  

The right LinkedIn marketing strategy will ensure maximum engagement & positive business growth. 

But before we get into the gist of it, let’s shed some light on the benefits of LinkedIn Marketing first. 

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing? 

Before we proceed any further on what fruits can LinkedIn marketing can bring to us? Here are some data backed facts which will provide you a clear insight how brands have capitalized on LinkedIn. 

  • LinkedIn has helped 45% of the marketers to acquire new customers. 
  • In comparison to Facebook, LinkedIn generates more than 277% more leads. 
  • LinkedIn holds the potential to generate more than 80% of the B2B leads
  • It also accounts for a total 50% of the total social traffic coming to their websites. 
  • LinkedIn has become the absolute relevant choice for 91$ of executives. 

And here we have just a handful of stats which ensures why LinkedIn marketing is the best option.  

Coming on to the next step… 

How to Effectively Market Product/Services on LinkedIn? 

Now here’s the crucial part, how one can market their product or service on LinkedIn. 

You can definitely go for creating your very own marketing strategy from scratch, but here we have some inspirational tips to up your game when it comes to campaign management on LinkedIn. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Start with optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s something that can be easily overlooked when you’re focusing on the advanced marketing tactics. Start by making small improvements in your company profile or your personal account on LinkedIn so your chances of getting noticed on the platform gets affirmed. 

Start by adding a high quality image to your LinkedIn profile. Do you know a LinkedIn account with a brand photo gets almost 21% more exposure compared to those which don’t have one. 

If it’s a company profile, use your logo. If it’s a personal profile then go with a high quality picture. 

If you’re setting up a company profile on LinkedIn, then don’t forget to checkout this amazing video on setting up your company profile on LinkedIn. 

Publish Content Which Can Add Value to Your Customers

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was used to market products using a sales promotion pitch. 

Now people want to read content which can add value to their lives. Today B2B marketers who put the needs of the customer first and then publish content become 88% of the top performers. 

When creating a website, make sure to create, share and publish content which serves the same purpose. Whether you want to educate them, inform them, guide them or inspire them, do it by adding value to their lives. When you will show that you as a person or a brand care about improving their lives, things will eventually start falling into perspective. You will engage the audience better.

When people will find value in your content, they will share it or add a comment. The more they engage with your content, the more quickly you will appear in other people’s searches.

 Anthony J James the CEO of Innovation

Checkout how Anthony J James the CEO of Innovation & Growth at Trinity Consulting creates an impact by adding value to the lives of many individuals with this creative technology. 

If you have innovated something new, here’s how you can add value to your customers too. 

Grow Your LinkedIn Network Through 2nd Level Connections

When you’re operating through LinkedIn, there are basically three levels of connection. 

The first level connections are such people whom you have added to your list and accepted their request directly from your profile. The second level connection is from such people who aren’t your direct connections. These can be individuals or authors that your 1st level connections share, interact or communicate with through their profiles. 

To expand your network, simply ask your 1st level connections to connect you with their 1st level connections which are basically your 2nd level connections. 

Send them a short professional message by saying, 

“Hi ABC, I was checking up my news feed on my LinkedIn account and I realized that XYZ is someone who is available in your connection list. We are both in the same niche and I believe we both can work things out professionally. How about you help me introduce each other and help us grow?” 

Or you can simply send them a personalized invitation, for instance, 

“Hi XYZ, as I was surfing through my news feed, I saw that one of my connections Mr./Ms. ABC is part of your growing professional circle. May I ask if you don’t mind me adding you to my LinkedIn network? I’d love to connect with you directly and share some ideas.“

Stay Involved with Groups & Discussions

Although groups aren’t quite favored in the LinkedIn Industry as much as it is favored on Facebook, it is still an integral part of the platform where clients/customers can get the best benefit out of it. 

With LinkedIn Groups, you get a place where you can communicate with your peers and customers. 

By participating in such groups, you will increase your chances to land a better lead. You will appear as an informed personnel in a certain field level and informed individuals are favored more than those who are trying to reach customers through promotional ad strategy, or individual messaging. 

Concluding Thoughts

So that’s just about everything of value which I can share today about LinkedIn marketing. 

Are you struggling with growing your digital presence in a stable corporate market? Are you tired of losing customers just because they are not informed enough or have undeveloped business acumen? 

Above stated are a few strategies which can help you connect with your audiences better. 

Follow these few marketing improvements and get the gist of LinkedIn marketing for your business.

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