Do you know that YouTube has more than 1.9 Billion logins of monthly active users

From cute puppy videos to learning the entire course on data science, YouTube has a smartly curated video content on just about everything. Almost 6 out of every 10 individuals prefer watching videos on YouTube rather than watching a TV show. Almost, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. With such popularity, YouTube has become a favored video watching channel among people. 

Just like YouTube, Facebook is also a massively recognized social media platform on the Internet. 

Now just imagine, you are surfing through the YouTube website and you come across this really cool video that educates the viewers on how to navigate themselves using a map. It happens to be that you are running a service like Uber in your state and you want your viewers to learn how to navigate too. 

The only way to post YouTube video on Facebook is the following way. 

Pasting a YouTube Video link on Facebook will not open up the video on Facebook. Also, there is no particular way to embed the YouTube video on Facebook. The only way you can share a video on Facebook is by downloading the video on your Desktop/Laptop/Mobile & then upload it on Facebook. 

Step # 1: Visit the Official YouTube Website

Type in the YouTube URL in your browser’s Address Bar. 

Step # 2: Search Up Your Desired Video on YouTube

Now type in the keyword or the search term in the Search Bar to search up the video. 

Step # 3: Choose Your Favorite Video on YouTube

Click on the video that you wish to share to your Facebook page or account. 

Step # 4: Click on the Share Button

Just adjacent to likes/dislikes is a Share option which you can click to share the video. You will see a number of social media options. Click on the Facebook icon. 

Step # 5: Post the YouTube Video on Facebook

It will take you to a separate window to publish the video on Facebook. Add hashtags and caption details and simply hit the Post to Facebook button. 

Voila! The video will now get posted on your Facebook account with a valid preview. Easy Peasy! 😉 

There you go folks, that’s how you share a YouTube video on Facebook. 

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