One of the most tragic experiences for a social media specialist is knowing the fact that their Facebook ads account just got suspended? That feeling of dread! I am sure it won’t easily fade away.

The only way to retrieve your suspended account is to post an appeal to Facebook. In this article, I am going to help you learn how a person can get their Facebook ad accounts reactivated through appeal. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the details. 

Facebook Ad Account Suspension

As an enthusiastic marketing specialist, you just realized that your ads are actively performing and you are saving quite the fortune on ad spent. But, then one fine morning, you wake up and just like any other day open up your Facebook Ad account only to be greeted by the red message of doom. 

Facebook Ad Account Suspension

How would you feel? Let me assure you that there is nothing to feel panicky about. It is just a red flag. 

If there is a red flag raised on your Facebook ad account, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow and before you know it, the red flag will be gone and you will be all good to run campaigns. 

Red flags don’t occur because a manual operator has some sort of a personal grudge against you. It usually happens when Facebook’s algorithm identifies a certain problem in your campaign that deviates from the standards and rules set by the Facebook algorithm itself to keep the system safe. 

Things that normally trigger these red flags are as follows: 

  • High negative feedback percentages
  • Not following Facebook’s Advertising Policies


  • High Negative Feedback Percentage


Do you know the Facebook users you target with ads can share their feedback with the platform? 

They have the liberty to perform the following actions. They can: 

  • Hide the single ad.
  • Hide all posts from your Facebook page.
  • Unlike your Facebook page.
  • Report the ad content as spam.

Report this Ad

In case, a user reports the ad with any of the following feedback, your ad is automatically marked as negative feedback. In case, if a single person or a couple of them mark your ad as negative, then there is nothing to be worried about. However, when the percentage of negative feedback on the post increases the number of ad impressions, then as a marketing specialist you should feel a bit worried. 

But fear not, if you’re proactive, you can actually prevent that. Find the negative feedback score for each ad from the Facebook Ads Manager. Just select your ad and click on the preview. 

Now, from the options, select “Facebook Post with Comments”

Facebook Post with Comments

At the bottom of your ad post, you will find the Performance Results section. Select that option. 

find the Performance Results section

In the post details, you can easily find the Negative Feedback section. 

 find the Negative Feedback section

Now see for yourself, how many people have given negative feedback to your posts and whether it is exceeding your current impressions or not. If it does, stop the campaign to save suspension.

Nobody knows the exact percentage which may result in getting your website a red flag. However, a spam report revealed that negative feedback on every 5000 impressions was a reason enough to shut down the specific ad in order to prevent the Facebook ad account from getting suspended. 

In case, if your percentile of negative feedback is below the belt and still your ad campaign has resulted in suspending your Facebook ad account, then you need to check if you adhere with policies. 

 Not Following Facebook’s Advertising Policies


Facebook has set a standard of advertising policies that allow marketers to understand what type of ad content is allowed on Facebook. So when an advertiser creates a Facebook ad and then submit it for Facebook to run, it gets reviewed. In case, the ad deviates from the policies, it readily gets flagged. 

In case, you’re not familiar with the Facebook Advertising Policies, click here to check them out. 

Here you will find every guideline, rules, and limitations on what you can publish and what you cannot. 

People usually skim through these guidelines and hold a firm belief that their accounts will not be suspended. And when it does get suspended, they blame Facebook. However, in reality, it is their own fault because they don’t go through the policies and adhere to them accurately. Facebook is just a highly sophisticated platform powered by algorithms who are strict, so if your ad blocks, it’s because of your own mistake. Facebook can’t be held liable just because you weren’t careful in designing it. 

How Should One Restore their Facebook Ad Account? 

In case, your Facebook ad account has recently got suspended, then don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world. You can easily retrieve or restore it back by removing the red flags.  

Go to your Facebook Ad Manager and click on the Contact Us option.

Facebook Ad Account Suspension

In case, if you don’t see the following red bar in your Facebook Ad Manager, then you must’ve received an email. It’s wise to visit your Email once and sort through your Inbox to see if you’re flagged or not. 

By contacting Facebook, you can then submit your appeal to Facebook Customer Care. To do so, all you have to do is follow the instructions step by step as instructed by the Facebook Team. 

Additional Support

Once you have successfully submitted your appeal, you can manually get in touch with the Facebook Support to escalate your appeal process. Being in touch can help you resolve your problem sooner. 

To get additional support, click on the question mark icon located on the top-right corner in the Facebook Ad Manager dashboard. At the bottom, you will find an option “help center,” just click on it. 

Additional Support

By visiting the help center, you will instantly be prompted with a chat option where you can directly get in touch with a customer representative within no time. 

By visiting the help center

Sometimes, the instant chat option is not available to a user. So if that’s the case, then you will be prompted with the option to file a formal complaint. In this form, discuss the situation with the CSR. 

policy disabled ad acount

In the information box, you can add your Facebook Ad Account ID and the problem you are facing. But don’t just hand out your Facebook Business Manager ID to Facebook. Instead, visit the home screen of your Business Ad Manager account and from the URL, copy the highlighted numbers. 

Business Ad Manager account and from the URL

Give Facebook the following numbers and not your actual Business Manager ID. 

Now, from here onwards, Facebook will see if your campaign was compliant and if you believe you weren’t at fault, it will be clarified and your Facebook Ad Manager will be restored back again. 

To check the status of your appeal, feel free to visit the Support Inbox. 

feel free to visit the Support Inbox.

Here, you can track the status of your appeal whether it is open or closed. In case, you disagree with a decision made by Facebook, then you can always reissue the appeal from the same support inbox. 

So here you go, here’s how you can restore your Facebook Ad account which just got suspended. 

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