Do you know how ugly it feels when you receive an automated call in the middle of the night? 

As if it wasn’t already painful to attend calls from real life people and responding back to their messages. Are you one of many whose smartphone is blowing up with unwanted robocalls? 

If you answer the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, it’s a robocall. 

If that’s the case, then you need to find a smart way to permanently block them. 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) explains top consumer complaints mostly revolve around robocalls. And now, the agency is looking forward to proceed to fight against unwanted calls. 

Now, lawmakers are trying to pass a legislation which will address the problem to be permanently removed. However, until then, it is our duty to educate the masses on how to keep them secure from such atrocities. So before you get offended by robocalls, here are a few actions that you can take. 

How to Block Robocalls and Unwanted Text Messages

Most smartphone carriers such as Apple iPhones and Android come with a built-in feature that can block specific phone numbers. There are several third-party apps such as Nomorobo, Hiya Caller ID and Block, RoboKiller, and TrueCaller which can easily block any telemarketing calls in a jiffy. 

Are you eager to learn about these call blockers? 

Let’s check em out. 

Call Blacklist – Call Blocker 

Call Blacklist - Call Blocker

As a business individual who is often at the verge of breakpoint, getting unwanted robocalls and texts can really disturb your mood. It can reach to a point where such calls can irritate the hell out of you. 

At times as such , you need to find a solution. Whether you are receiving a call from a private number, a hidden contact or a number that is not part of your contact list, Call Blacklist – Call Blocker is an app that will allow you to block every incoming call and SMS. 

This app is remarkable as it allows you to blacklist any number that’s annoying you. You can save a log, activate notifications and even schedule up call blocking based on your preferences. 

Don’t want anyone else to snoop around your phone and access your blacklist, just apply a passcode. 

If you are running an android phone, then download it from here

Hiya Robocall Blocker

Hiya Robocall Blocker

Having a busy day at the office or attending an important meeting? How offending it is when you get a recorded call message where a brand starts marketing its gimmick without any invitation. 

Don’t you just hate such companies and wish that their annoying campaigns simply shut down!  

Hiya is another great robocall call blocker app for Android that blocks all unwanted robocalls, messages. With this app, you can easily block any contact as per your specifications. Hiya is remarkable because it holds the ability to trace back any number to help you find if it’s a fraud.  

The app works both ways. You cannot only block a number but also find the number of a business.

To download the app from Google Play Store, simply click here

Mr. Number – Block Calls & Spam

Mr. Number - Block Calls & Spam

As a member of high society and moving around in clubs and arenas, it is very common that your number is circulating among different telemarketing companies around the state. And I am sure you’re the last person who wants that to happen with your phone number now, don’t you? 

Are you searching for an app that can block unwanted calls from telemarketers and can work for an entire country code? Just in case, if that edgy telemarketer tries to call you back using a software… 

Mr. Number is a great app that allows you to do just that and even more.  

The app intercepts the call from private numbers and send them to voicemail saving you the hassle. It is a great app to block all the notorious telemarketing agents trying to scam you out of your pockets. 

It also blocks alert messages alongside spam calls and offers you complete protection. 

To download the app from Google Play Store, just click here

Should I Answer? 

Should I Answer?

Another great free robocall blocker app on the market is none other but Should I Answer. It is an app that protects you against unknown, unwanted and unsolicited calls. It keeps out all foreign entities and in fact, even blocks the number of the caller reaching you out with a negative rating on the app. 

The best thing about should I answer is that it always indicate numbers with a rating. 

In this way, you are quite aware of which of these calls should you be receiving. In fact, you can write a review for every number that reaches you out and also lets you decide which information to submit. 

Also, the app works in offline mode. To download the app on Android, click here



Last but not least, TrueCaller is another robocall blocker app, which sits at the top of call block list. 

Truecaller is quite a known robocall blocker app in the market because it has an easy to use interface. The app comes with both the features, automatic call blocking as well as manual call blocking. 

What’s more? Not only does the app block calls and messages, it also checks the name of the callers. 

You can also create a backup of all your contacts, history information and blocklist users from drive. 

There are other useful features that TrueCaller offer to its customers. These features are smart caller ID, a complete support for both dual SIM numbers and also an active community with a database. 

To download the TrueCaller app on Android, simply click here

Concluding Thought

While many android phones comes with the built-in call blocking feature, most of them don’t. If you carry a smartphone which does not support any internalized call blocking feature, then a third-party robocall blocker app can surely offer you some great support. Above discussed apps are a few that are not only effective and trustworthy but are also very, very safe to use.

Download them, test them and let us know which one offered you the best of experience.

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