The latest announcement of the Android Q Android version has come up with a full tech storm along with the program of Android Q Beta and brings out the revolutionary changes in the hardware & software field which provides a huge extent experience to the users.

About Android Q

The released date of this version was not announced yet. Although, this outlined the six-month process of beta along with having the six main stages. This process mainly includes the initial release, 3 incremental type updates which followed by the updated version with official SDK & final API. Along with it, two different candidates are followed by the old update. This Android Q version will mainly take place after three stages. As per the monthly updates, it has seemed that Android Q was launched in August month but it wasn’t.

This month has been selected because most of the versions were updated in this month only. This time there is a delay in launch the products due to android app development company who will go to add the customized features & different interfaces in the Operating system. Hence, there is a possibility that it takes some time to launch the Android Q release.

Support of Upgraded treble

Google also worked in order to achieve the enhanced treble compatibility along with a new version of Android Q.  This will help different users to flash out the GSI along with android devices which run up with Android Q. This feature also helps users to enjoy the fastest updates of software.

Warning against last updated apps

Android app version

This version mainly introduces the latest feature which will warn the users against old apps. This feature also helps in informing the users about the installation of application which is mainly based on the old version history of Androids and won’t be able to incorporate with the latest feature. This feature also prevents users from the installation of applications which not work properly on the Androids’ new version.

Vulkan Angle

Vulkan Angle



Android Q will bring out the good and new games for the gamers as per the graphic developers which work towards the development of standard & updateable Open GL driver for overall devices which are mainly built on Vulkan.

Developers will add the ANGLE which is experimental support on Vulkan for android devices. ANGLE is a graphic abstraction layer that is mainly designed for high performing OpenGL Compatibility.

Access of seamless notification

Android Q also introducing massive changes in setting notification. Currently, notifications won’t be fading away until the slides are done from your side to the icons. Apart from this, the Android Q panel will also display the apps icons, location access, & display of another type of react native elements features device.

Excellent facial recognition

Reference hints which might be using this latest feature to unlock your device permit you to log in different apps & buy several items. This seems to be interesting that this is not a first time recognition for Android phones. But this is the first time when Android will support the new technologies & also allows the developers to combine hardware to the smart phone.

Desktop mode

This android version might have a desktop mode which is similar to Samsung. As per the XDA Developers, there is an option for developers of Android called a mode of force desktop. This option will define as a desktop mode of force experimental in secondary type displays.

Dark theme with Android Q



Dark theme with Android Q

This seems to be one of the rumored features which include the theme of dark mode. As per the developers of XDA, this android comes up with a dark theme which can be accessed through display settings. Most of the speculations are depend on the dark theme.  This mode mainly depends on the time of day and can easily make a turn on or off. When you permit the dark mode for the apps, this will comes up with the color of the dark grey tint.

Gesture Controls

With the latest version of Android Q Beta, the back button may be getting disappeared. As per the report of developers of XDA, Google will replace the old back button with the latest gesture. If this seems to be the feature which can introduce the button of a home pill and also allows backing easily & fast.

Screen recording

Screen recording

Screen recording seems to be the best option that comes up with the Android Q. This will already exist with third party type OEMs in Android P. This function also provides the screenshot that can require by the user to press the power button.  This native feature of screen recording will also ask for appropriate permissions that use it the first time.

Performance of Wi-Fi

The version of Beta with Android Q exists with high performance along with having a mode of low latency for different wireless connections. Along with the new updates, there is an option to voice calls & gaming of real-time which can be benefitted to a great extent.

Enhance the performance of ART

This version also introduces the ART runtime changes along with boost up the OS speed. This will also help the users in consuming low memory without developers’ help. Further, Google play starts delivering the profiles based on Cloud along with APKs. With the Zygote process of optimization, Android Q Beta can easily be started with the process of app & then move toward the security container.

In Nutshell

Android Q will take out the major changes to the operating system and all the updates will come up with the strong version which consists of dark mode, revamped permission, Wi-Fi performance improvement, and many more. If you are interested in learning about the concept of the Android Q feature then contact Mtoag technologies. We have skilled expertise that can help you at every moment.

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