HP printers are known as one of the best printer models but there are few issues which are often faced by printer users. These errors mostly appear when the print completes its smooth working phase. Your printer can show the error due to firmware as well as software issues. HP printer 79 Service error mostly occurs due to corrupted printer driver. But there are certain other reasons which can lead the user into this error.

Common reasons for getting HP Printer 79 Service Error:

  1. You don’t have an HP printer driver
  2. Printer driver is outdated/corrupted
  3. Poor connection
  4. Heavy document
  5. You are trying to print a non-printable document
  6. Pending print jobs


Resolving HP Printer 79 Service Error:


Install HP printer driver

If you haven’t installed an HP printer driver on your device then you will get an why is my printer not responding error  on the screen. You must have to install the printer driver on your computer for creating a communication bridge between your HP printer and the PC. You will get the driver CD with your printer. If you don’t have a CD or disc drive then you can get the driver setup from the HP website. Don’t forget to check your printer model number as every printer model has a different driver. Once you install the driver on your computer, then connect the printer to the PC and give the print command.

Repair your printer driver

The printer driver can get corrupted easily. Any malware or runtime error can corrupt your printer driver. When you have a printer driver on your device but you are still facing the HP printer 79 Service error then you should check for corrupted driver files and updates. If a new update for your printer driver is available then install it on your computer immediately. For corrupt HP printer drivers, install the driver update tool. This tool will automatically update and restore all the corrupted drivers of your device. After repairing the driver, restart your computer and take a test printout to check whether your printer service error gets resolved or not.

Check the connection wired/wireless  

You can connect your printer to the device via using cable or wirelessly. If you connect the printer with cable, you don’t need a Wi-Fi setup and the printing speed is pretty good. But you can’t share your printer with other devices. In-network setup, you require an access point for connection. Once you connect the printer to the access point (router) then you can give the print command to your HP printer from all the connected devices. The printing speed depends on network speed and distance. If your printer is showing printer 79 service error then inspect your USB cable. If the cable you are using is not working then get a new high-speed USB cable for connecting to the HP printer. For a wireless connection, restart the WPS pin on the router and again try to connect the HP printer.

Check printer’s firmware

Make sure your printer’s firmware is not damaged. Check the DIMMs of HP printer, EIO card, printhead and fuser. If any of these parts get broken or burned out then you have to install a new one. Check the printhead for clogging. If the printhead seems clogged then clean it with a cloth and alcohol-based cleanser. After cleaning it, dry the printhead carefully. HP also provides a utility tool for cleaning the printhead. Here are the steps for cleaning the printhead:

  1. On your computer, go to Printers & Scanners
  2. Tap the Properties option
  3. Click on Printing Preferences option
  4. Hit the Service tab

Now click on Printer Services and choose the Clean Printhead command. The utility tool of HP printer will start cleaning the printhead. After cleaning the printhead, check for the printer service error.

After completing the entire procedure, try publishing a few documents to make sure that the service fault 79 is fixed on the hp printer.

Sometimes the HP printer 79 service error can be displayed due to malware infection. Some malicious programs interrupt the functions and processes of your computer and lead to several errors. Scan your device to flush out all malware threats and then take the printouts.

you might also want to check this error reboot and select proper boot device.

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