You may have used the # sign for several purposes such as identifying the phone number or looking up emails on your personal Gmail account, but when it comes to social media, the story is a whole lot different. A hashtag in social media is popularly used for creating a trend or adding your relevant post to a particular trend. These are small elements widely used to add a virality effect to your social posts.  

The Significance of Hashtags

Hashtags in social media play a significant role.

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When you include a hashtag in one of your posts, what you are basically doing is categorizing your post according to your audience’s interest so they can easily find it and interact with it. With the appropriate hashtag, your audience can easily find the relevant content and give it a virality effect. As a result, your post earns the chance of getting exposure in the in-depth sea of social media posts. 

Why Should one Use Hashtag in Social Media?

The hashtag is a great concept because it enables your Instagram or Twitter post to become viewable for the audience who create trends or search for new ones. It gives your social media presence an everlasting exposure and makes your content viral on your desired social media platform.

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Are you someone who is eager to build an interesting social media presence for your brand? Well, if you’re then hashtag can be the way forward. Not only does it gives social exposure to your brand, but it also increases the chance of post engagement allowing thousands sometimes even millions to join in the conversation. Before you know it, your post becomes the hallmark of discussion and goes viral. 

One other reason why you should use a hashtag in social media is that it gives the virality effect. Usually, hashtags on Instagram or Twitter are used to create a new trend or follow an existing one. When somebody uses a hashtag in one of their posts, the idea behind it is to create high engagement and work on creating a larger fan following base for their businesses. In return, they get fresh leads. 

And leads is what brings profitability to your business! 

How to Use Hashtag on Twitter & Instagram? 

When creating hashtags, make sure that you keep the following two points in mind. 

First, don’t use too many hashtags within your social media post or it will make you come forward as a desperate business seeking leads. You don’t want to create such an image for yourself now, do you? 

Secondly, make sure that your hashtags don’t end up as a long-phrase such as #bestheadphonesintheworld. Such hashtags wouldn’t trend and neither are they in trend. Instead, use short hashtags and more common ones as they get more exposure even beyond your followers.

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Words like #creativeideas #digitalmarketing #businessgoals have a better chance of exposure. 

Now, even platforms like LinkedIn and social media giant Facebook are also encouraging hashtags. In case you are planning to increase engagement, you can also use hashtags in your Facebook posts. 

Still not convinced… here are a few more important reasons why I believe you should use hashtags. 

Reason # 1: It Helps you Beat the Competition

Unless your product is not completely unique or something really out-of-the-box, going on a hashtag spree to create a virality effect is near impossible. You need to have a remarkable brand and social media marketing team working at the backend in order to create a powerful impact on your business. 

If you’re a mid-sized or a small-scale business, creating a virality effect will require you to beat the competition. Yes! Because you’re not the only one selling a brand. There are countless others just like your brand working within the same sphere tirelessly day in and day out to create the same impact. 

If you want to beat the competition, you will have to study them first. Learn what hashtags they are using and then try to use your own creativity to beat the heat which they have created around a brand. 

Just as fast as a hashtag trend is created, it simply dies down. Another hashtag simply replaces it. You want to make your brand look trustworthy, use hashtags that are in trend and not outdated. 

Reason # 2: It Gives your Brand Exposure & Visibility

If you want to increase the success of your brand, you will have to work on increasing its visibility. By increasing good visibility for your brand the chances of success skyrockets tenfolds within no time. 

Creating awareness for your brand is one of the two effective reasons why you should be using a hashtag within your social media content. By using the right hashtags, you can easily penetrate into the need of your audience, address their pain points and then expand your audience accordingly. Hashtags will increase the chance of your product/service to appear in the audience search feed when they search up using hashtags. And as a result, your product gets perfect exposure and visibility. 

Reason # 3: It’s the Perfect Way to Promote Your Brand

A remarkable reason to use hashtags in your social media post is that it helps you create targeted campaigns. A social media marketing agency such as Branex describes hashtags a virality factor, 

“Right promotion is the key to social media marketing success. When we talk about hashtags, well these are the components of a social media post which creates the perfect word of mouth effect. It’s like using a catch-phrase or a trendy word to give a virality effect to a particular cause or movement.”

When you use a hashtag for promotion, then your followers are going to use the same hashtag to share on their profiles. And then their followers will eventually do the same giving it more exposure. 

When was the last time you considered using a hashtag in your Instagram or Twitter content? If it’s been a while, start using them as they are the perfect tools of visibility. 

Did it work for you? How much traction did it bring to your social media post? Let us know. Thank you.

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