The current era, especially the last couple of decades, belongs to IT (Information technology) and the trend is going to be more induced towards it in coming years. People are shifting to the digital systems whereas conservative ways are vanishing with time.

Business activities, share of information, communication, and several other fields have been taken over by the computers and resultantly, their volumes have been increased to manifolds.

With the switching of activities to online computerized systems, the demand for IT experts has also been increased. Businesses are introducing their websites for convenient access to the people of the wider area and target concerned ones to increase their activities volume. However, with changing times, the way websites are designed has also changed. Obsolete methods produce results that are no longer required. Thus, if you want to land a job in a web design agency in New York or any other place for that matter, you must know about the modern and effective ways to design and develop a website.

There are several forums and sources that lead you to the qualification of these skills. Some of them are:

  1. Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is one of the best online training websites for the learning of Web designing and development. It offers a video-based course followed by interactive practice sessions.

It can help you to build a job-ready portfolio that further leads to get employment. You will be able to get a job within a few months after joining their forum and learning the skills by their expert tools of teaching. Their charges are adequate and they do offer few packages that could be availed keeping in view your budget. The basic plan starts at $25 / month.

  1. Opera Web Standard Curriculum

This is a learning platform introduced by the Opera browser running company. It is for the people who are not willing to pay any amount for learning. It offers basic web designing and developing programs based on HTML (simple text formation) but is not focused on visual seduction.

  1. Google Code University

Google has prepared lessons on web development by its web developers. These lectures are based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are video lectures and help much to learn the skills. We can start basic web development with the help of these tutorials.

  1. com

It was established in 1995 and is known as founders or starters of the web development field. They offer a wide range of web designing and development learning programs. Other related courses are also available on the website. These are paid courses that you can avail of by accessing free trial sample videos as mostly, their tutorials are video-based. However, they also produce books and documentaries for this purpose.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a big online teaching forum that offers a wide range of various programs including web designing and web development.  It offers more than 80,000 video-based programs. They are paid courses and a separate fee is required to be paid for each of them. However, with the purchase of any program, some free courses are also gifted by the website.  They have also created a student Udemy community to develop the interaction between students.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the biggest online teaching institutes offering MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). It is working like any regular educational institute and issuing certificates at the end of the courses. It is affiliated with top-ranked universities and educational institutes of the world that includes Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. It offers session-wise courses where a proper enrollment system is established.

  1. WPsessions

It is a very economical online teaching forum. It charges only $15 per month for a course. It focuses on WordPress-based web development. Their lectures are video-based and offer a wide range of videos on a specific program available. They even give a facility of individual sessions for the students.

  1. com

If you are illiterate about web development and want to learn it, you must join It delivers lessons on HTML and CSS and uses very basic and easy language that helps the learner to understand it well.

  1. Smashing Magazine

It is a web magazine published to deliver educational information and courses to the readers. People can learn various skills by reading their blogs regularly. They are aimed to deliver an intermediate and advanced level of web development information.

  1. Webdesigntuts+

It offers a wide range of web development service and web designing tutorial free of cost. Few paid courses are also available in their premium area.

There you have it, joining any of the above-mentioned forums or portals can lead you to improve the literacy level of web development and designing. However, if you also intend to offer SEO services, there are many other platforms you can find in this regard. YouTube is also full of tutorials on basic and advanced SEO skills.

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