Ebooks are a very nice thing and there are many popular formats for ebooks. Perhaps one of the most popular formats is Epub, which is supported by many readers. Of course, there are many other formats like Mobi, but we’re focusing on Epub here. Below we’ll show you how to convert PDFs to Epub to make them more readable on mobile devices. But first some information about the Epub format:

What is Epub?

Epub is an abbreviation for “electronic publishing” and describes a technical standard defined by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Epub eBooks are of course supplied with image support and can contain tables. This makes Epub very flexible and available for a variety of e-readers and is currently the most compatible e-book format. Epub now supports info graphics and the correct visualization of mathematical equations. Therefore, Epub enables the correct flow of electronic books or other documents on the screen of most devices. The Epub format is typically used on modern Android devices, unlike the Mobi format, which requires users to download the Amazon Kindle application in order to read it. As with Mobi, Epub’s editing software is free, and there is more to choose from, which is a big advantage of Epub.

Converting PDF to Epub

This gives authors and publishers more choices. Unlike Mobi, ePub files make it cheaper for users of low-end devices who can’t afford high-capacity devices. In this case, you just want to read your epub files on your local computer. If you are looking for a good converter between Epub and PDF, you should try the following PDF to Epub Converter

With PDF2Epub.io you have no problem converting PDF files into Epub ebooks, and the output may be one of the best on the market. You’ll be very pleased with the results, you just have to try it and you’ll be impressed by the things this tool can do for you. The functionality of this converter is very sophisticated and convincing. All you have to do is upload the PDF document and select the options you want. Press “Convert Now” and wait a little bit. Once this is done, you will find an Epub with all the content and images you want. It works really well and is what you will most appreciate and enjoy.

The Future of the Epub Format

The latest version of the Epub ebook format is Epub3. The functionality of Epub3 also defines some features that require more powerful hardware. Video support would be e.g. one of these things or elaborate layouts that require some computing power of the reader to be useful. For these things would be provided in the firmware mechanisms that prevent the reader to send nirvana and at the same time allow a defined alternative view with appropriate references in the document Epub3 is mainly useful for tablets. In any case the Epub format is steadily evolving and definitely will have a bright future as Ebooks are a technology which will gain momentum in the next years.

Ebook Readers and Software supporting the Epub format

On Windows there are already quite a lot programs supporting the Epub format. The most popular tools to read Epub files on Windows are Adobe Digital Editions, Kobo Ebook Reader and the STDU Viewer which supports many other documents formats apart from Epub. You won’t have any problem to find a tool fitting all your needs considering this varity of availble tools. However, there are bad news from Microsoft: Microsoft Edge will end support for e-books that use the .epub file extension over the next several months.

Also for Linux operating systems like Ubuntu you have some choices but the preferred option here is Calibre which is a Program that can do nearly anything with ebooks.  This free open source tool Caliber supports you in reading, creating and managing ebooks. The ebook allrounder Calibere combines book management, format conversion and ebook readers in one interface. With Calibre you have a very handy tool at hand when it comes to reading, converting, archiving and outputting eBooks.

In a few steps you can use Calibre to create ebooks from various files, which you can then view on an electronic reader. For example, you can import PDF, TXT, ZIP, RAR, HTML, or RTF files into Caliber as an input format and output them in numerous eBook formats without great effort. Before exporting to eBook formats such as LRF, Mobi or EPUB, you can still edit the files read in Caliber. The operation of Calibre is very easy after a short period of training. However, for PDF to Epub conversion the tool mentioned above still gives better results than Calibre.

So how about Andriod?

For Android the free app Reedy offers such a function and also presents texts from other sources neat and easy to read: The reader can display articles from the Internet or texts of other apps in their own interface.

Organizing your own digital book collection is also child’s play with the right app: well thought-out search and sort functions bring order to chaos at the push of a button. Many readers also provide search functions for book texts so that text passages can be found within seconds. Text markers, footnotes and functions for quoting and sharing are also part of the repertoire of some reader apps. Alternatively, you can also go for the Program  Aldiko which also supports Epub for Android devices.

Epub files on Amazon Kindle.

Unfortunately Amazon Kindle does not support the Epub format. But there is an quick workaround: You can simply convert your Epub files into the Mobi format which is supported by all versions of the Amazon Kindle ebook reader. Its native format is called AZW which is quite similar to Mobi but has some advanced features.

We hope you enjoyed that overview on the Epub format and all its possibilities and are looking forward to seeing you back here soon.

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