Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms since its creation. You will be surprised to know over 60 million photos are being posted on the social media platform. Just by knowing this number, you might have guessed the heavy engagement of the users. Statistically speaking more than 800 million active users are connected to this platform. The number is rising at an exponential rate and this is one of the key reasons for which the online marketing gurus are emphasizing the Instagram promotions.

In this article, we are not going to emphasize how Instagram has become so popular in today’s world. We are going to highlight 10 easy steps by which you can promote any product or service via Instagram.

1. Start using the business profile

The first thing that you need to focus on is the type of profile you are using on Instagram. If you use the personal profile to promote your product or service, chances are very high you are missing a great opportunity to connect with more potential leads. Even if you start Instagram marketing via a personal profile, you can switch to the business profile and give your target audience more chance to interact with you. Give them the easy to connect with you so that they don’t get diverted to your competitors in the online market place.

2. Learn to use free tools

You need to learn to use the free tools of Instagram to improve your engagement with your target audience. Just by using the free tools you can even get the details of the demographics. When you get vital information like age, gender, geographical position, it becomes really easy to connect with potential clients in a very meaningful way. Things might be a little bit hard for the new users but just browse through the different features and you will get used to it.


3. Create a gentle teaser

One of the best ways to get more engagement is to rely on the teaser. Those who follow aggressive methods to promote their product are scaring away their target audience. If you want to make a decent profit via Instagram marketing, you must learn to embed your ideas into your potential leads. Be regular so that the customer never loses interest in your gigs. At times come up with a unique idea to promote more products so that you can create a hidden urge into the mind of your target audience.

4. Spend money on advertisement

You can easily reach your target audience by spending some small money in the advertisement. But make sure you uniquely promote your brand logo so that the potential customers know about your products. But make sure you hire some professionals to find your target audience. Reading your advertisement to your desired target audience is very crucial. You can also hire the Fiverr logo designers to create stunning images in a simple way where your company logo will be prominent.

5. Focus on Instagram stories

You need to use Instagram stories regularly so that you can stay connected with your target audience. Unless you can do so, it will be tough to promote your product. Most of the time, business owners fail to stay connected to their audience since they never focus on consistency. Consistency is a great issue when it comes to Instagram marketing. The stories need to be appealing and pleasant at the same time. Never try to overemphasize on the product. Be natural and focus on organic marketing so that you can gain the trust of your target audience.

6. Reach to the influencers

One of the easiest ways to increase Instagram sales is to partner with influencers. The influencers know the perfect way to find the desired target audience. Some of the successful influencers can make your product successful within a short period. But make sure you are reaching the right influencers. For instance, you might be selling tech products. Reaching to a girl who has thousands of fans for her makeup tips is not going to help you significantly. On the contrary, if you reach the influencers who have established a fan base in the tech industry is going to give you a better result.

7. Engage with stunning photos

You need to engage with stunning photos to reach more audiences. Most of the people think adding stunning photos doesn’t help. But if you look at the professional marketing gurus, you will understand how stunning photos can change your life. Think about the successful business page on Instagram. You will often see relevant images that make you feel special. That wants you to something special.

8. Create hashtag

You need to create an interactive hashtag so that you don’t only appear for the brand name. Your customers often search for the products based on the product hashtags. Most of the time, it becomes hard for business owners to create an interactive hashtag. But if you study your competitors it won’t take much time to come up with the unique idea of the hashtag.

9. Be regular with the content

You need to post content regularly. Unless you show the customers that you are serious with your business chances are very low that you will reach the right target audience at the right time. Most of the time it becomes really hard to maintain consistency with the post. But you can easily do so by hiring an online social media manager. Though it can be a very expensive process for the startup business owners, in the long run, you need to use such an approach.

10. Analyze the key metrics

To boost your sales and market on Instagram, you must learn to analyze the key metrics. Based on key metrics analysis, you need to bring positive change to your marketing strategy. Though it will be a very complicated task if you follow the right techniques it won’t take much time to develop your business on Instagram.

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