With so many games being released every year, it is hard to choose a favorite game. There are players who go through a huge number of games, sometimes not even finishing them, then there are other players who while enjoying other games, just stick to one and you can tell it’s their favorite game. I fall somewhat in the former category. I like playing all kinds of games, but of all the titles I have played in the last few years, these titles top the list of my favorite games.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

What the Polish development studio CD Projekt Red created in 2015 with the third adventure of witcher Geralt is beyond the scope. Is it the quests that unfold their real effects hours after their supposed solution? The characters that are so approachable? Are there topics that are very close despite the fantasy setting, such as racism, domestic violence, the relationship between children and their parents? The sophisticated combat system? The beautiful game world? The great soundtrack? That moment when the wind whistles through the birch trees and dark clouds gather in front of the moon? All of that. And more.

Dark Souls

Knights, magicians, dragons: in 2011 the Japanese game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki built the most courageous game of the decade from the fantasy standard formula. He does not explain his oppressive game world, instead lets his audience fail again and again because of almost unsolvable tasks. The mix of a brutally difficult combat system and mysterious world structure is no coincidence. The narrative masterpiece tells about game mechanics and lets the misery of the residents become playable and tangible. Many developers have since tried to copy this.

Borderlands Game Series

We can thank the developers at Gearbox software for bringing us another episode in the saga of Borderlands. With borderlands 3 you get to explore more new worlds, face more evil corporations and cults, you get to unravel the mysteries left behind by ancient alien civilizations, all the while gearing up your character with a whole new plethora of weapons and gear. If you are one of the lazy ones who likes to take shortcuts, you can always use Borderlands 3 Save Editor to get weapons and armors. Some of us will judge you for using BL3 Save Editor, but hey who cares as long as you are enjoying the game and having fun.

League of Legends

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (Moba) is the name of a genre that was decisively shaped by “League of Legends”, or “LoL” for short. Although the game was released at the end of 2009, it only became a cult this decade. “LoL” is so successful – and in the long run – that a huge number of online games have appeared that have copied the game principle and the marketing ideas of Riot Games. “LoL” has also established itself impressively as e-sport, just like later the playfully similar “Dota 2”. The big Moba tournaments have long been filling stadiums, and millions in prize money are flowing into them.


Overwatch” made the term “hero shooter” big. This refers to shooters in which the charisma and skills of individual heroes play an important role. The players get to know the characters and decide which one suits them best – and then go into battle as a team. A narrative is built around the heroes of the game, which is continued mainly outside of it, in short films or comics. Incidentally, “Overwatch” has also made a controversial monetization system a resounding success: the loot boxes. 

Rocket League

Playing soccer with cars? Three on three or, if the team game slows you down, one on one? What sounds banal turns out to be one of the best sports games ever programmed in 2015. As a game that simulates the experience of playing soccer better than real soccer simulations in some ways. “Rocket League” has excellent mechanics that make you disappointed in yourself even if you lose, never in the game. Anyone who loses here was not unlucky, but was not good enough. And no matter how many hours you put in “Rocket League”, be it ten or 500: You can always get better.

Stardew Valley

You might find it strange for Stardew Valley to be on this list but it is perhaps one of the most interesting games of all. All the other games on the list are intense and require a lot of focus, Stardew Valley on the other hand is a game which one can play to relax. To escape the real world and enjoy the world of Stardew Valley. Grow some crops, raise some cows and chickens. Mingle with the locals, perhaps even get married. Explore all the mysteries that the storyline has to offer and most important of all find all the secrets and easter eggs. From small things like Stardew Valley Favorite thing to more Sandy’s secret identity, the game has a lot of easter eggs to offer and you will certainly enjoy the game when finding them.

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