How to Use Memes in Your Social Media Campaigns To Gain Traction? Become the Ultimate Meme Lord In your Niche

If you are a social media aficionado like me, chances are you have met ‘The most interesting man in the world’, ‘One does not simply’, ‘First World Problems’, ‘Futurama Fry’, ‘Y u no’, ‘Bad Luck Brian’, ‘Doge’, ‘Grumpy Cat’, ‘LOLcats’, and ‘Condescending Wonka’. Even if you say you don’t, just […]

Facebook Announces a Whole lot of Tools for Business to make Messenger Interactions more Intuitive

Facebook has recently launched a range of updates for its business tools on Messenger, adding in new appointment booking options and lead generation automation options in addition to many others. As businesses are harnessing the power of the Messenger Platform in newer and better ways, Facebook continues to offer a bevy of […]