With the PlayStation 5 due to launch in a couple of weeks, the next generation Atari’s upcoming new console will hit store shelves in November 2020.

But it’s launch is facing something it hasn’t seen in some time. A new gaming console is coming in November this year alongside the PS5 and it doesn’t belong to Sony.

This console comes with access to more than 100 video games. This is Atari’s new games console, the Atari VCS. It is basically a new version of the classic Atari 2600 and is launching together with the PS5 of Sony.

Yes, Sony PlayStation 5’s party is being crashed.

What will the new Atari gaming console be like?

The new gaming console of Atari will be anything unlike the original Atari 2600 which went on sale in November 1982. The new Atari gaming console VCS comes in with a raft of new technology making it ready for the new generation.

Among its technical specifications are an AMD Ryzen CPU, AMD Radeon GPU, and 8GB of RAM (which is expandable) thus pumping out games in 4K HDR resolution. It gets even more advanced, Atari VCS comes in with a USB 3.0, HDMI, and Ethernet port for wired connections as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for ensuring wireless connectivity.

The Atari VCS is an improvement over the original one by quite some margin. It includes the addition of the Atari Modern Controller (shaped like a typical Xbox controller), which is different to the Atari Classic Joystick (still offered in the market) and is helpful in the streamlined gaming experience.

Also, another interesting fact: The Atari VCS is different from a standard gaming console because if offers a dedicated PC Mode. It means that users can install in it a secondary operating system like Windows on a bootable external USB drive. It in fact can be used as a home computer too.

What operating system will the Atari VCS use?

In terms of operating system used by the next-gen gaming console of Atari, the VCS uses Linux OS and comes pre-installed with loads of classic and retro edition Atari games as well as current generation games from a wide range of gaming studios.

Additionally, the Atari VCS also has a custom storefront that allows users to download additional Minecraft video games and applications, and among them video streaming apps, music players, web browsers, and the like.

At what price will it be available?

The Atari VCS is available for pre-order today for the price of USD$ 389.99 and that too from Atari directly. It can be chosen in three different color schemes, Black Walnut, Onyx Black, and Carbon Gold.

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