With unprecedented ways to reach customers, more and more businesses are putting in resources and funds to invest in social media marketing. Social media marketing is the new SEO and generates bigger exposure for the business than any other media.

The problem is that no entrepreneur has that kind of time and skills at hand and thus needs to trust in someone who can make social media work for their business. That’s where a freelance social media manager comes in. Who minds getting big checks for posting updates on Facebook and Twitter? Well that and a great excuse to be online all the time!

Being a freelance social media manager, you are your own boss. Companies are increasingly coming to term with the idea of investing in robust social media campaigns and social media managers who could think out of the box and be strategic with the social media manager tools. This could mean great opportunities for you. You set your own income and costs and work on your own pace and time. So how do you generate maximum freelance income from social media manager jobs?

1.     Social Media Management

Here’s the fun part where you generate your freelance income. Companies don’t just pay you to repost stuff on social media sites. If an employer is seeking your freelance services as a social media manager, your job is to take over their social media world. Strive to be irreplaceable by incorporating these skills in your vocation:

  • Formulate strategies for campaigns as directed by the business. Setting up a viable plan of action, describing key performance metrics (KPIs) and undertaking research and analysis are indispensable to your career.
  • A pen is stronger than the sword. Well, technically a keyboard in this case. Creating credible content is as imperative as the actual marketing techniques.
  • Increase the business outreach by reaching out to a diverse audience base. The wider your influence, the more your client benefits.
  • Your skills are based on how quickly you can understand your audience and adapt to them. That is what social media marketing is all about.; knowing your customers through insights, determining what pleases them and acting accordingly.
  • The life of a social media manager is tied to the business’s reputation. Be on the alert for any offensive or negative public comment so you can placate it before it spreads like wildfire.
  • Managing your client’s twitter account is how you stay in the loop. Developing and posting content, responding to comments and mention of the client’s name on other’s post and interacting with other relevant accounts is just a piece of the cake.
  • Measure your success through Google Analytic tool and know how far you are getting through. Tweak your strategy If need be to increase the traffic to your client.

2.     Create and Sell social media Strategies

With so much of your client’s business hinging upon your social media success, developing an effective strategy to execute their social media goals is indispensable. Creating and selling a killer strategy is what generates your freelance income.  Social media is all about developing long term relationships with the clients and is not another marketing gimmick.

An intelligent social media strategy converts followers from “potentials” to “customers”. Sales and marketing teams are continuously looking for strategies that define how they launch campaigns, grow audience and spread messages across a targeted audience.

This is where you fit the picture! Brainstorm ways to skyrocket the business’s goals and present it to your client as freelance work. If you client is convinced of the efficacy of your strategy, they will buy your plan of action. Here’s our guide on how you should stake out your strategy:

  • Take a stock of the nature of your client’s business and services. Post tempting and invigorating content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google + and develop a follower base.
  • To scrutinize your process, find out the channel where your leads are coming from, their conversion time from follower to lead and what tempted them to do so.
  • Before you start bombarding each and every one you encounter with your sales force, define perimeters to refine targeting. This ensures that you and your team are connecting with the right people and forging relevant connections who are interested in your product or service.
  • Interacting with the followers by joining conversations, posting on blogs, answering queries on Yahoo! and LinkedIn and joining Twitter chats relevant to your business, cement real time relationships.
  • Measure your return on investment (ROI). With myriad options to measure performance (KPIs), calculate conversion rates, clicks on ads, likes on posts, and traffic to your client’s website, you can gauge the effectiveness of your social media strategy and make changes if need be.
  • Brand awareness can be measured by the number of followers on social media channels, brand mention on blogs or comments and number of comments and responses to your posts.

3.     Selling Editorial skills

Creating and adapting viable content is as much a part of your job as any other skill and shouldn’t be overlooked or brushed off as irrelevant. From updating facebook posts, Tweeting the latest development or other short quips or brainstorming Instagram captions, honing your editorial skills can go a long way towards your success. Using the right verbs, innuendos, or the right emotions for the occasions are necessary to connect to the client.

Companies these days are on the lookout for fresh and invigorating social media content to boost up their sales lead. Companies may pay you to keep track of the content being created, proof read their social media content, advice on what the customers are looking for and if the content comes up to the mark and oversee their posts for accuracy as a freelance.

Income is generated as an editor for the business. If you are a grammar Nazi, look up social media manager jobs that value your acumen, and sell your editorial skills.

     Social Media Training

When we talk about social media manager jobs, another way of earning a freelance income is through social media training. The tide of social media marketing, sweeping the businesses, calls for entire social media departments. In order to formulize a winner social media strategy and prevent media disasters, more and more companies are hiring experienced social media trainers to inculcate the pertinent skills in their amateur workers. Income depends on the nature of training and the rates you have set for selling your service.

Your expertise in cultivating happy customers through social media content and strategies and perfecting conversion process would greatly help the company redefine its campaigns. Seek a freelance position within a company to train its employees in all the tricks of the business. Chances are that they will call on your services again if a complexity arises.

Sometimes a private client would ask for social media training for no other purposes than recreation and pay heftily to learn the tricks of using social media. At other times, they want to be the best in the trade.

Creating a Facebook Page

Facebook is the new bible and creating your facebook page is quintessential to the success of your client. The most important step while creating a page is to allow only the admins to post on the page. This prevents major digital mishaps. If you have an innovative business idea, create a facebook page and monetize it by selling it to a prospective client. You may create several pages for various business and clients will buy your page if it pertains to their business. Freelance Income generates depending on how many likes you have mustered for your pages, the audience it reaches, the demographic info of your audience and so on.

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