I may sound a little biased but above all the different types of marketing, the one that brings great value and sales to your business is none other but social media marketing. 

Social media marketing is a vast platform that utilizes user information to serve them better. It helps in creating highly relevant ads based on human interactions.

It targets the need and wants of the customers more directly than any other marketing activity online. If done right, social media advertising can increase your conversions and bring a great amount of sales right to your doorstep. With lower cost, you equip yourself with the best tool to attract the right audience in a jiffy. 

What are the Benefits of Social Media Advertising? 

Now you might be wondering why social media advertising is the best form of marketing when it comes to ROI. Well here are some increasing benefits to consider before you invest budget. 


  • Other marketing channels take time to mature and attract potential leads to your business. With social media marketing, you get quick results. For example, a content marketing strategy can take a few months to mature your product in the online world. 
  • Some channels bring quick results, but those results aren’t conversion oriented. Let’s say if you attract 100 leads maybe 10 of these potential leads might show some form of interest in your business. 
  • Certain channels are consistent, they are neither short-lived or take a lot of time to mature. However, these marketing channels can generate profit until you keep fueling them with investments. For instance, a Google Adword campaign will only produce results until you keep investing budget. 


Among all such channels, the most profitable outcome which helps you create an impact in the market is none other but social media marketing.

SMM is a great way to attract your desired audience & at the same time help you progress your business forward in the right direction. 

But when we talk about social advertising, there isn’t only a single type. Here are the different types of social media advertising which you can leverage to maximize profit returns for your business. 


Facebook Advertising

Facebook app is the motherlode. It’s where the great audience lives. So when we talk about the scalability of your advertising efforts, there’s no certain limit.

Unlike other marketing methods where you have to invest a great deal of your budget in performing effective keyword research, Facebook advertising doesn’t rely on prior research. Just set the audience and begin your campaign.

You will start observing the results which you had in expectations. The power of social media is so much that if you want to reach 50,000 people in a day, with Facebook advertising you can define that and reach them. 

When you plan on investing your marketing budget on Facebook advertising, make sure to address: 

  • Who your target audience is and where they are concentrating? 
  • On what social channels your target customers are the most accessible? 
  • In which areas your target market will actively engage with your ad? 

If you can thread these needles together, your Facebook advertising will eventually become a success. 

Instagram Advertising

The second in the social media rat race is Instagram. With more than 500 million active monthly users, Instagram has the highest engagement rate.

It has a 56% higher engagement rate in comparison to Facebook and almost 2000% more in comparison to Twitter. So without a doubt, Instagram has become the treasure trove of the social media marketing world. 

Because of its high-end visual appeal, Instagram has a strong potential to reach out to a greater audience in a fairly less amount of time.

Brands can publish eye-captivating strong visuals that are very appealing and therefore, it can attract the audience magnanimously.

Also, the Instagram market is more composed of females and if you are marketing a product in that demographic, it can be incredibly rewarding. 

To churn out the best results for your marketing efforts on Instagram, you can follow this: 

  • Focus on your target audience and learn everything about them. 
  • Once you’ve targeted custom audiences, now target a close-match audience. 
  • Use vibrant images, and images of real-life people in your custom ads. 
  • Leverage the power of hashtags to increase clicks on your Instagram ad.


Lastly, set a Facebook pixel to track your custom audience type from the backend of your Facebook advertising. See how you can find more ways to re-engage your Insta-audiences and create more. 

Twitter Advertising

Twitter has around 328 million users who are actively using the platform which makes Twitter the third largest social media platform for businesses.

When it comes to advertising, Twitter doesn’t shine as effectively as Facebook or Instagram does. However, Twitter is a viable platform to attract organic traffic expansively in comparison to other platforms. It has a genuine and authentic audience.

So in case, if a person is searching to connect with you, they may only consider you because they are interested. They come out as genuine & authentic traffic sources than the prior two.

Do you know that Twitter users shop online at least 7x a month compared to traditional buyers? And here’s some good news for SMB based Twitter advertisers. According to a social media marketing agency in UK, SMM is a great way to attract your desired audience & at the same time help you progress your business forward in the right direction.

There are many eCommerce brands that primarily use Twitter as a source of effective advertising to increase brand awareness and conversions. Even though it has immense potential, Twitter is yet quite underutilized for some reason. When setting your campaigns on Twitter, you can choose the following different types of advertising. 

  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Trends
  • Website Cards

So there you go, here are the three major types of social media advertising which I believe are the best forms of attracting customers and increasing online traffic on your digital websites. 

Do you engage with any of the following social media advertising? Feel free to share your experience.

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