When you are trying to expand your online business, then the first step is to make the right choice of web hosting. Undoubtedly, there are lots of options available for you. But among them, VPS(Virtual Private Servers) are the most compelling and remarkable web hosting apart from the shared hosting and a dedicated server. This is because VPS Vietnam gives you more reliable resources, power, and an independent hosting environment like a dedicated server at an affordable price.

Further, virtualization technology in VPS makes your website faster and high performing that is not available in other hostings. However, using the VPS Hosting ensures more data redundancy, reliable network connectivity, seamless performance, etc. Moreover, you can employ all these benefits along with the assured scalability and reliability that you are looking for.

So, through this guide, we let you know the top 5 benefits that fascinated you and other users to opt for VPS Vietnam for their business growth. Let’s get started!

What is VPS?

VPS is a type of web hosting that leases its web space on rent for website hosting. In layman’s terms, VPS Server Vietnam is a powerful and independent computer that manages and operates all the data stored in it. This means if any user searches for your domain on their web browser screen, then the powerful computer responds to them.

Further, the VPS Server is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. Here, the word “Private” signifies that all the resources allotted to your virtual server belong entirely to you. These resources include Random Access Memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc., that are only dedicated to you. You do not need to share them with other websites hosted on your physical server. Further, it depends on virtualization technology and using the hypervisor software to split the primary or single physical server into multiple virtual private servers. Each virtual server has given to the single users to utilize and own their virtual space for hosting single or various websites.

Moreover, the VPS Vietnam Hosting is divided into two subcategories, namely Managed and Unmanaged VPS Vietnam.

Types of VPS Hosting

– Unmanaged VPS Hosting

With Unmanaged VPS Hosting, your web host only installs your choice of an operating system, and the rest of the site management is done by the users themselves. That’s why it is also known as Self Managed Hosting. This means you, as the site owner, manage all the facet of your server, including:

  • Installation of your choice of control panels on your server
  • Custom made software installation for your site.
  • Ensure the best security measures, installing reliable security patches, and resolving your errors.
  • You need to manage your VPS Vietnam server even in the outage of resources and hardware failure.
  • You need to upgrade all the applications and software on your server.
  • Website data backups are entirely your responsibility.

This is useful and highly recommended for users belonging to technical backgrounds with strong command over technical terms.

– Managed VPS Hosting

Users with concise technical understanding or a limited staff can benefit from the managed VPS Vietnam Hosting. In Managed VPS Hosting, usually, the web host providers reduce the workload and hindrances of server maintenance for users. They will free users from taking care of their virtual servers by handling their servers. Here, the web host will do the following things for you:


  • Initial VPS Vietnam Server Setup
  • Regular updates (OS, applications, software)
  • Install Various Security patches to protect your data
  • Real-Time Server monitoring
  • Stable or Nightly data backup services.
  • 24*7 consistent support
  • Instant problem solving support


Top 5 Benefits of VPS Vietnam

1.   Control & Customization

With the VPS Vietnam Hosting, you get SSH root level access to your server. So, you can easily monitor and operate every activity and function performed on your server. Further, if you need to do customization. At that point, you can quickly customize all the resources and services as per your website requirements because of having server control in your hands.

2.   Seamless Performance

You can’t deny the fact that users and visitors hate to wait. This means if your website takes too much time to load or more than 3 seconds to open any web page. At that moment, users get angry and quit your site and switch to your competitor’s. So, you need to boost your website speed to give users a seamless experience of optimal performance. Although it’s completely not in your hands, it depends on the type of web hosting you are using. That’s why you need to choose the VPS Vietnam hosting that gives you powerful hardware configurations to boost your site performance.

3.   Highly Scalable

The most important benefit of choosing the Best VPS Vietnam Hosting is higher scalability. Undoubtedly, you can’t expect such a level of scalability with other hosting like a shared server. But with VPS Vietnam Hosting, you get high scalability. This means you can quickly scale up your resources whenever needed to run your website effectively and smoothly.

4.   Advanced Security

The most prominent and useful benefit you can ever enjoy with the VPS Server Vietnam is advanced Security. Mostly, all the business websites comprise sensitive data, including employee and customer details, customer ID & password, credit card & debit card details, or any bank account details. Thus, you need to protect all this data and information from cyberattacks. VPS hosting benefits you because it provides two factor authentication(TFA) and cybersecurity measures.

5.   Affordability

Choosing a VPS Vietnam Hosting is a cost-effective plan rather than spending a lot of funds on a Dedicated Server. Because even the basic VPS Vietnam plans comprise all the exclusive and enterprise-grade services that help you grow your business. Furthermore, it is cheap and affordable. So, you can employ all the benefits of independent hosting with dedicated resources at the lowest price.

So, if you want to employ all these benefits of VPS Vietnam Hosting, then you need to first choose a reliable web host. You can choose wisesolution as your web host.

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Why Choose Wisesolution to buy VPS Server Vietnam?

Undoubtedly, you have many choices but choosing a Wisesolution is one of the best and wise decisions you can ever make to buy a Vietnam VPS Server. This is because the company provides you a vast range of reliable services and exclusive features with hosting that are listed below:

– VPS Hosting Setup

– Flexibility to host multiple websites

– Resource Monitoring Dashboard

– Instant Provisioning

– Robust Infrastructure

– Third-Party Software Installation

– Database Optimization

– Rock Solid Data Security

– Cpanel/Plesk Control Panels

– Windows/Linux Operating system

– Huge Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives

– Dual Intel Xeon Processors

Plans and prices

The company Serverwala provides you the best and Cheap VPS Hosting Vietnam plans and packages categorized into VPS Windows Vietnam and VPS Linux Vietnam. All the plans are highly customized. So, you can choose according to your preference.


VPS Vietnam Hosting is the one-stop solution for every user who needs the highest security, better server control, reliability, scalability, etc. Therefore, you should buy Vietnam VPS Server from Wisesolution to enjoy industry leading services at the lowest price with 24*7 real-time support.

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