So, friends, we are going to discuss the entire amazing PC gaming series available to play. We all are very fond of gaming because it helps keep us busy in an activity; if you have a boring life, try out these gaming series; these games will make your day pleasant.

My observations generate this collection since I love to do gaming, so; I know each of the gaming series very well because I follow them properly.

I know the pros and cons of each gaming series. This article is going to be interested since you can get amazing information from here.

We will discuss each of the series one by one. I will provide the complete list of games provided by any gaming company.

Popular gaming developers produce all these games. I think that the additional information is added so, let’s move to the factual topic.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Gaming Series

GTA is a big brand in the gaming industry, and every gamer is familiar with the name of GTA because it’s the most popular gaming series.

This series has made my childhood very special. I loved to play these games when I was in my childhood.

I loved the routine of going to school in the morning and came back afternoon, turning on the PC and playing GTA for the whole day.

GTA 5 is very popular nowadays, and it’s a very high-rated game available for Microsoft Windows. GTA 5 is also available for similar gaming devices like Xbox and PlayStation. GTA 5 is a very high processing game so, it requires good specifications PC.

My choice is GTA Vice City because it’s my childhood game, and it was not the first release by the company, but it brought the GTA gaming series to the next level.

Some similar products were already launched, but they could not meet the requirement of the users.

Tekken Gaming Series

If you Google it, you will get the complete list of products, and the list has been exceeded to seven, so the series contains seven different products.

Some companies provide the new release after one year; some provide some companies provide the new release after one year; some provide after more than one year.

Different parts were released by different years, and Tekken 3 was the game-changer in this gaming series. Tekken 3 is also a part of our childhood.

Tekken 3 was released in 1997, and it is a 90s game, but it’s still very famous so, can you imagine how popular it was when the gaming concept was not completely introduced.

After that, Tekken 5 earned too much fame because it was the conclusion of all the previous releases.

It contained too many characters, and many characters were also launched in this product. We got to see amazing new characters in this release.

Tekken 7 is the latest version of the series, Tekken 7 is very famous globally, and many international tournaments are held every year.

Many players from my region are dominating in international tournaments, and I love to play it.

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EA Sports Cricket Gaming Series

This series was very popular in the first decade of the 20th century because the developer provided a new release every year, and it’s still the best cricket gaming series available.

I’ve heard that new releases are also very popular, but many alternatives products are also available in the market so, that’s why its rating graph has been declined a bit.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 is a very famous product, and many gamers still love to play the 2007 version, many new releases have been added, but people still love to play the 2007 version so, it means that there was something special in it.

Call Of Duty Gaming Series

Call of duty is also a very old series, and it also contains too many products, Call of duty 1 was the initial product released by the company.

The series got the famous since its first publication.  Call of duty 1 was the game-changer here.

We’ve often seen that the first release does not make much impression, but its first release got infinite fame.

Call of duty: Black ops cold war is the latest update from the COD series. It was released in 2020, but it’s considered a 2021 release since it was released in November 2020; so basically, it was a New Year release.

The best of this product is the video graphics provided by the developer. The video graphics are very charming.

Need For Speed Gaming Series

Need for speed is the 5th most popular gaming series. It’s a car racing gaming series. Need for Speed II was the important release of this series.

NFS II is still very popular, and I’ve seen that many people still love to play it.

Let me tell you an interesting fact about two gaming series we have mentioned in our article, Need for Speed & EA Cricket gaming series are launched by the same developer.

EA is the developer of both series. EA sports provide different gaming series relating to any real-life sports game.

EA Sports have provided many different sports gaming series. EA Sports provides football, WWE wrestling, NBA (Basketball), and many other sports games.

These series are very popular in their market, and there is no one near these series. I would love to mention all famous gaming series developed by EA sports so, let’s take it as an assignment for next time.


These all five gaming series are famous worldwide, and if you’re a gamer, you should check out each of the series.

The website also provides the complete relevant data so, let us give any suggestion so we can improve our content and provides more accurate content to our users.

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