The season of scares is just around the corner, and if you’re one among many who have still not decided what to wear, then we have a handful of interesting suggestions just for you. 

So even if you aren’t wearing the right garb, you can still become the life of the party with a great makeover. If there is one place you want to get some of the best ideas to look scary, then don’t look any further than Instagram. It is a great platform from where one can get quite the inspiration. 

When it comes to Instagram, it is quite the treasure trove encompassing a variety of mesmerizing scary makeovers to mesmerize your eyes. Are you wondering which of them are trending? 

Let’s find out. 

The Zombie Mermaid

Planning to do a hybrid makeover to scare your friends do it like Evejenkinsmua did on her Instagram page. The mermaid queen will easily take your breath away. With one revealing eye and other tainted with a tentacle, the Zombie Mermaid looks quite spooky. Featured as one of the best makeovers with halloween contact lenses, this Zombie Mermaid is quite the look that adds a real scare for the audience. 

The Harley Quinn

The Harley Quinn

Are you a true fan of Batman? Harley Quinn is one character that you may never forget. The puddin lover has quite a psychotic look effect but mind-captivating in its own way. If you are planning to turn yourself into the scary mass murdering Joker lover side-kick on this Halloween season, check out this really awesome Harley Quinn makeover by #hanzoween. By adding the touch of novel flair, she perfectly nails the mad-psychotic psychiatrist look from Suicide Squad like no other.

The Nightmare Queen

The Nightmare Queen

Using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Redrum Velour Liquid Lipstick, Jordan creates a bloody red lip makeover for Sally’s pout. The pout and the red fiery hair are good enough to bring the Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas back to life. She further uses the NYX Felt Tip Liner to underline her eyes. 

Find her @jordanhanz

The Night King

Want to rule the army of the dead? Become the Night King at the scary ghost party of the undead this season. Checkout how Sally transforms herself once again into a cool looking Night King from the much anticipated TV series, The Game of Thrones. A complete blue makeover with spikes on head. 

The MadEye Snow-White Look

Ever wondered what Snow White would look like, if she herself was infected by a poison Apple? Madeyewlook recreates the poisoned Snow-White with a blissful essence of evil in the air. This insanely awesome makeover is just the perfect look to wear on a friendly scare party. Adding a wild-twist to the classic fairy-tale character, @madeyewlook brings the evil out in Snow-White. Do you see the good side of her, extra hidden behind the evil in the image?

The Grinch Makeover

Want a scary look to wear on this Christmas season, the Grinch can be an exciting one. You will not be much loved since you will be wearing a makeover that despises the essence of Christmas. But, the Grinch look will definitely make you look cuter than the rest of the club. So why not get some scary costume inspiration from the @madeyewlook? 

The Arachnophobia

The Arachnophobia

Scared of Spiders? Well, then you don’t want to hang around this chick. Hehe. Here’s a great arachnophobia makeover done by charlyannmua and is becoming quite the trend on Instagram. She was inspired to make recreate this look from @ellimacssfx. The spider legs in this lookover were made of cotton buds, a lot of latex and some black nail polish. Looks quite spooky, doesn’t it? 

So there you go, here are some of the most spooky makeovers which I personally believe deserves an attention. If you haven’t taken a look at them yet, now might just be the time. I am definitely sure that you and the rest of the club who are looking forward to wearing scary makeup this season will love it. 

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