We have reached a turning point in the ways how consumers interact with brands and make important purchasing decisions. Buying behaviors are now dramatically changing and people are now interacting with brands far more different than the way they once used to interact with them to create businesses. To give you a brief insight into some of the developing statistics, here’s some insight: 

  • eCommerce orders are up 108%
  • Daily usage of Facebook is up 27%, YouTube is up 15% and TikTok is up 15%
  • 42% of consumers believe the way the shop will fundamentally change

Such numbers clearly indicate that the world is now living in a complete lockdown and most of the brand interactions taking place around the world are done online and through the Internet. A majority of brands have shifted their marketing efforts to various digital channels. With the closure of all non-essential channels, we are now experiencing quite the surge in the online shopping world. We are now observing a major shift in the buying patterns of the customers who now rely more on eCommerce. Whereas, most of their social activity has simply shifted from traditional to digital. 

The way users used to interact with brands has changed their perceptions and we are now seeing a massive shift in online purchasing. The way brands used to interact with users during the pre-covid 19 periods is now going to change drastically when we will re-enter the world again after the pandemic. 

Trends have changed. And most of the marketing is now done online. There’s a less likely chance that we will be ever going back. With changes, comes new implementations. Mindsets transform. Today, people now leverage the power of user-generated content more than any other form of content. 

As the changes are imminent and people are spending less time in getting hooked with marketing content, the need for spending a ton of budget in running ads have become insignificant. It’s time marketers are now compelled to focus on creating interesting and mind grasping creatives and publish them on social platforms that other users on the Internet can use to push forward their experiences with the brand. It’s how user-generated content creates a high level of trust for the brand.

How user-generated content help organizations to make a fortune out of their business? 

Here are a few good reasons to address. 

User-Generated Content Creates a High Level of Trust

When there is an air of uncertainty around, users commonly turn towards people and organizations in whom they can have faith and trust. And brands who are aiming to target customers in the post-COVID 19 periods should deeply focus on establishing the element of trust to establish customer value and perfect loyalty.

How brands will be able to do that? They can strike a chord among the desired target audience by sharing other customer’s experiences. By publishing content generated by other satisfied customers, they can convince others to purchase whatever product or service which they are selling in the market. More than 92% of the customers are convinced when a customer praises a certain brand. 

It Will Help Provide Social Proof

Once the world starts re-opening and things start settling around the world, things are going to change. People will start coming back to their normal routines and they will be more than interested to buy products/services online. At times as such, brands will be tasked with another challenge to represent that people are now coming back to their old purchasing behaviors. They will have to create some form of social proof and publish them online to educate the rest of their target market, that things are coming back to normal. It’s the only way brands can motivate others to make purchases. 

Everyone requires validation and nobody wants to become a pinata at a Mexican birthday party right? Hence, businesses will be tasked with the responsibility of showcasing the return of the customers. And here, once again user-generated content is going to take the lead. It will help online shoppers to deliver authentic social proof that people among their respective target audience is engaging with the brand and are quite happy with their purchases. It will foster greater confidence and increase the trust. 

Almost 87% of the people online declare that social media post is what motivates them to purchase. When asked what types of UGC trend the most, it’s mostly photographs/videos from customers. 

User-Generated Content Establishes Human Connection

One of the leading benefits of publishing UGC on your platform is the demand it has right now in the digital world. It’s why brands are now shifting their focuses from sending out dot point accurate content into the market to engage audiences, and are now focusing more on content that can establish a more powerful human connection. One of the best examples is the power of leveraging emotional storytelling in your social media posts to engage your desired audience type. 

By doing embracing more of humanity and sending out authentic messages out there, people will feel more compelled to engage with your brand and in fact, make up their minds to purchase from you. 

In a Nutshell

Brand experiences play a massive role and when coupled with user-generated content, it has a remarkable impact on your audiences. After all, ask yourself what is your end-goal? Do you want to create an experience that your customers never forget or you just want to sell a product/service in the market? If it’s all about selling then investing bulk ad budget on tons of social ads is going to bring some form of results, but they will always be short-lived. This strategy will inquire you to invest more in due time. But leveraging user-generated content has increasing benefits and will have long term impact. Are you one among such businesses seeking to create such an impact on your audiences, it’s best that you utilize user-generated content to promote and publicize your brand.

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