We are living in a world where things are happening so fast. Vue.JS is a new age discovering of recent years. Earlier it was just being regarded as an ordinary framework but now transformed into a most loved framework indeed.

Before starting, let understand a bit about Vue.js. It is a frontend javascript framework to create user interfaces. Since it is open sources and it is updated continuously. Developers find it quite easy to use since they do not have to depend on any external libraries. Going with the right framework is extremely important since this decision will be affecting you in the long term.

Let us understand what those unique points are making Vue JS worthy to choose in 2021

  1.     It’s Indeed Quite Flexible –

Yes, it is quite flexible making it a great buzz at the forefront. Let us check the important points to have a better understanding claiming this framework to be flexible.

  • Vue is quite popular and makes a great buzz at the forefront since it is indeed flexible.
  • Vue is top on the list since it has fewer options in comparison to Angular.
  • Vue introduces official support in the context of different build systems.
  • With Vue, there are no restrictions to make your application go structured accordingly.
  • Developers prefer to go with a framework where they could enjoy more freedom.


  1.     Being A Community Driven –

Some Vue JS Development experts say that Vue is not an ideal choice since it does not have the support coming from well-established platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc. However, it is not hard for Vue. This framework is community-driven. Let us understand in a bit better way –  

  • You may not believe that a total number of 382 people have contributed to Vue.js and that is why it is making a great buzz at the forefront.
  • The creator of this framework put the best efforts and time into this framework.
  • Vue 3 was introduced in September 2020. What made this new version different from others is that it is quite faster as well as smaller.
  • Vue 3 has been designed in a way so that it could share components all across different devices.
  • Moreover, code can easily be rendered from one system to another one.


  1.     Being Small In Size –

Its size makes it rule over worlds. It is indeed a unique feature to go with. Let us understand other factors associated with its size.

  • Yes, who would not like to go with a small app size? This application is available just in 18-21 KB in size.
  • The small size does not hamper to let it run at a high speed. Irrespective of the size, it is still excellent in the context of its performance.
  • It does not matter if your app development is small or large; Vue JS is still an ideal choice to make.
  • Since it holds a featherweight, the framework is downloaded so easily and fast. In addition, its library will be in your system quite fast. This feature also put a positive impact on your SEO and UX.


  1.     Vue JS Is Progressive –

Stop wondering since Vue JS is quite progressive and other important factors have been mentioned here –

  • Vue JS is known for being progressive. It means it can easily be integrated into the project irrespective of the time.
  • Vue JS can easily be integrated with all other existing applications. It would not be wrong to say that Vue JS is as easy as pie. Vue JS relies completely on JavaScript. Moreover, any other tool is not needed to work.
  • Whether it is about the quick delivery, VueJS CLI 3 and VueJS UI is just amazing and can have the quick delivery.
  • VueJs is regarded as an ideal fit whether it is about small or large Web Apps.
  • VueJs also rules over so many hearts because of its incredible ecosystem of tools as well as companion libraries making a framework to respond to even the trickiest needs.
  • There is no doubt that Vue JS has truly gained an incredible set of tools to work with. Talking about the new age release of Vue CL13 is a complete rewrite that will be delivering heaps of new functions. Vue comes up with its incredible tools called State Manager, Server Renderer, and Browser Debugging tools.
  • Vue JS also makes it possible to let you write amazing templates going with HTML, JSX, JS, etc. Vue can easily be used for any project because of having lightweight nature and components.


  1.     Top-notch Documentation –

In 2021, we need to go with Vue JS since it is loaded with new-age features and tools to make everything go easier.

  • Vue JS Development experts have already added that Vue JS is a bit special. There are many questions, guides, and examples covering everything about it once you start working on it.
  • You may not believe that Vue.JS is quite easy to kick off. It makes coding easier and faster indeed.
  • The best thing is that less code would be needed to grab the same results indeed.
  • Developers have to spend less time and better cost efficiency will be there.
  • Vue JS is worthy to choose in the context of enabling time-efficient coding.
  • Moreover, Vue is loaded with an incredible package of tools going for all basic programming required to start its main page.

Conclusion –

If you are still not convinced that why should you go for Vue.JS in 2021, then you need to understand that even prominent market giants have already paid attention to it. They have valued its features. You may wonder knowing that Grammarly was created following Vue JS. It is loaded with incredible aspects indeed. This framework is high in demand all across the Asian market these days. Even if you search on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, several Vue JS Development vacancies are being introduced there.

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