In a world where everything is interconnected, social media is one such platform where business happens. How many times have you experienced that you talked about something or searched a particular query on Google or your smartphone’s in-built search feature, and you start seeing ads appear in different places? Well, that’s the power of social listening, and that’s what’s happening abundantly right now.

There are powerful algorithms at work on the backend of sophisticated systems mining information in various ways. Based on what you talk about, what you do, what you search for, and how you proceed, they are optimizing your experience in the online world. 


One place where marketers are cashing upon abundantly is none other but social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. It’s where we interact with the ads most commonly. 


As Gary V. states 


“If you’re not capitalizing on social media, then you’re missing out on a whole chunk of business opportunities. It’s all just crumbling away while you’re sitting on the side-line and letting it go away.”  


Do you want to use social media as a big source of your earnings? Well, look no further. Let us help you learn how you can start your very own social media marketing agency in just a couple of weeks! 


Pick Up on a Niche

Niche picking can be overwhelming, but we advise that you start small. Don’t go expansively exploring different niches all at once, wondering that everything or maybe a single avenue might work. 


Start small and focus. 


Ask yourself the following questions before beginning your research. 


Which industry do you understand the most effectively? Having some basic knowledge of the industry can help you get started. For example, if you’ve previously worked at a gaming shop, then you know which consoles are the most favored or which games are trending in the online space. 


How can it help me make money? It’s best to create a list first. Discard any options which are not profitable. Understand your target market and identify what can trigger them to pay you. 


In short, go for a niche that holds the potential of being more rewarding. 


Work on the Strategy

Let’s move on to the next phase, which is strategy building.


Understand what can better resonate with your audience. Take a minute to walk through some of the basics. Focus on what you’re selling and how you can easily put it in simpler words for your audience. 


Answer all the “WHYs” 


  • Why is your product not selling abundantly? 
  • Why do you think you can easily sell the product? 
  • Why do you think the product has potential? 

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Now, build a strategy to help you grow your presence. 


There are three areas where every social media marketing specialist must focus when starting with a social marketing strategy. These areas are as follows. 


1) Content 

Your content should be easy, interactive & straightforward. Social media is all about easing the lives of your audiences. If you overwhelm your audience with unwanted jargon, they will eventually choose to walk away. You will hardly find any clicks on your social ads. So whether you’re creating audio content, video content or verbiage, make sure to keep simplicity in your tone. The right content can strike the right chords with your target market. 


2) Acquisition 

Acquisitions mostly comprise the number of followers, email lists, content engagement with influential people, etc. It is one of the relevant parts of your overall social media strategy. Getting the right acquisitions will help you promote your business in front of the right audience. The right promotion can offer you the best results. 


3) Lead Generation

And lastly, lead generation. 


It’s the single most thing on which your entire social media strategy must base upon. If you aren’t focusing on the right social advertising methods, you won’t get the best leads. So, to get the best ones, you have to invest in the right areas and create the perfect social voice for your brand. 


You don’t need to master all the three pillars, as discussed above. Some people are good with content, so they use the power of content to attract the audience. Others are great with social media tools & reach out processes; they are good with acquisitions. Lastly, some people are great at optimizing ad campaigns and setting target audiences; they are amazing in lead generation. 


So whichever area you’re an expert in, polish that up! For the rest, you can definitely build a team. 


Create a Landing Page to Convert Audience

Landing pages are specific types of web pages that are specifically designed to compel the audience to perform a specific action. Landing pages are easy to make as you don’t have to perform any coding. We now have tools like ClickFunnel, which allows you to create different landing pages of your product/service and perform A/B testing to gain insight in what strategies can work best. 


You can add different pop-ups to your landing page. 


If you’ve written an ebook, you can encourage your audience to download it in return for your email address. Use that information to reach them out asking them to follow your Facebook brand page. 


Leave a sweet message something like, 


“Thanks for downloading our free ebook, we hope you find it an enjoyable read. Let us know if you need our assistance! We would love to hear back from you.”


In a Nutshell

And that’s just about it… 


By focusing in the above-discussed areas, you will begin your social media marketing agency in just a couple of weeks; you will find people piling up on your doorstep. You will gather significant leads & you will get plenty of opportunities to sell. A bit of advice which I can add here is that, 


  • Spend 2 hours every morning checking your mail and inboxes. 
  • Send out notes to your loyal customers, letting them know that you care. 
  • Create an effective relationship with your customers by calling/leaving emails. 


Customers love when you show genuine care. So make sure you do that when working on your social media marketing plan. Get the best out of your buck! I hope this was an informative read 🙂 


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